'Blindspot' Recap: Jane's Betrayals Revealed At Last


Warning: This recap for the “Of Whose Uneasy Route” episode of Blindspot contains character and story spoilers.

The purpose of all the insignificant missions Oscar has been sending Jane on was finally revealed, as the FBI building is put on lockdown by hackers masquerading as janitors. Allegiances are exposed and Mayfair gets arrested with evidence that Jane has been planting all year.

The Tattoo
No tattoo this week. In fact, Patterson floats the idea that maybe Jane should get her tattoos removed; after all, they’re already scanned on her computers. Could the show be preparing itself to jettison its central conceit of a tattooed heroine altogether?

The Plot
The FBI building goes on a routine lockdown drill, but Patterson quickly discovers that she’s been locked out of the network, so it’s anything but routine. She and Jane go through the air ducts to find Weller and Borden. They all make their way to Patterson’s lab where she figures out that the hack is an inside job. Jane and Weller start a fire to trick the building into momentarily opening the sealed steel doors, then make their way to the evidence room to arm themselves. They find Mayfair and Zapata who storm the main server room with them. One of the hackers is killed; the other escapes and threatens to drop every elevator from the top floor, killing all the passengers. Patterson disables all the elevators but one; Jane and Kurt rescue Reade, Sara, and a bystander. Mayfair and Zapata kill the last hacker. During the aftermath, Assistant U.S. Attorney Matthew Weitz (Aaron Abrams) comes in to arrest Mayfair for the death of Alexandra and Carter.

The Setup
Weitz interrogates Mayfair in front of the whole team and we see what Oscar and Old Jane’s cronies have been up to this whole season. The innocuous pen Jane was asked to smuggle in matches a pen used to write the inmate numbers of the people who killed Saul Guerrero. The thumb drive Jane smuggled in erased the file of Alexandra — who was actually a disgraced P.I. named Donna Holloran — which makes it look like Mayfair’s hiding something. The chip Jane installed in Mayfair’s car shows that she drove with Donna to Carter’s shallow grave, and the money Mayfair gave Sophia Varma is found at Donna’s house. Is the director the sole purpose for this entire elaborate tattoo/amnesia scheme? Or is there still more to the story?

Is there any nightmare scarier thanbeing trapped in an elevator with your ex? Reade and Sara get to live that awfulness and, even with the threat of impending death, Reade still doesn’t reveal that he broke things off because shadowy forces threatened to kill her. After, Sara tells him that she’s moving to Oregon so that her son can have a relationship with his father. Hopefully, that doesn’t happen because actors Rob Brown and Jordana Spiro have great chemistry and the logic of keeping them apart is just silly. What, is every FBI agent supposed to cut ties with all family and friends just so terrorists can’t threaten them? Bummer.

Weller talks with Dr. Borden about how his nephew, Sawyer, is taking his grandfather Bill’s illness. Borden suggests his reconciliation with Bill might have affected his ability to trust his instincts. It would be interesting to see what Weller looks like in actual therapy, because his stone-faced stoicism is one of the show’s biggest weaknesses.

While trapped in a hallway, Zapata admits to Mayfair that she’s been working with Weitz. When she says it out loud, her reasoning sounds pretty paranoid and built on nothing but idle suspicions. When Mayfair is eventually exonerated, the question won’t be how soon before Zapata gets booted out of the building — it’ll be how much air she gets when she’s kicked.

It’s nice to see the Patterson and Jane friendship evolve. There ought to more simple camaraderie on the team — one without sexual tension or awkwardness or secrets. Reade and Zapata used to have it, and it’s a shame it’s gone.

Blind Thoughts
Minimal use of extras? Shot entirely on standing sets? Twenty-first episode of the season? Bottle episode! It’s common for shows to employ this cost-saving technique later in the year when budgets are stretched. Fingers crossed, it could mean a huge blowout finale.

A moment of silence, please, for “Redshirt” Morales, the agent who gets mysteriously picked up on the way to the server room and is quickly shot dead. Poor guy never had a chance.

Line of the Night: “I thought we were stuck in here because of karmic payback for this hit and run…” That other woman in the elevator is a hot mess. Please bring her back just to annoy Reade.

Blindspot airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on NBC.