Blind and Deaf Puppy Finds Forever Home with Her Guide Dog Brother

Blind and Deaf Puppy Finds Forever Home with Her Guide Dog Brother

This happy ending is a new beginning for Star and Denver.

The 3-month-old terrier mixes arrived at the Helen Woodward Animal Center in Rancho Santa Fe, California, after being abandoned, along with their 6 littermates and mom, in rural Louisiana.

It didn’t take long for the rescue’s staff to notice that Star, a blind and deaf puppy, and her brother Denver shared a special bond. The boy puppy acted as a guide dog for his sister, helping Star explore her surroundings and play with other animals.

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When it came time for the pair, and their other siblings, to be put up for adoption, the Helen Woodward Animal Center made it clear that Star and Denver had to move into a local home together.

Helen Woodward Animal Center

The rescue was inundated with adoption applications for the special needs pup and her guide dog brother, and out of all these willing pet parents, the staff picked the perfect match for the puppy pair.

Courtesy Helen Woodward Animal Center

Sheri and Art Armenbdariz are the lucky animal lovers giving Star and Denver a forever home, but they aren’t doing it alone. An anonymous donor moved by the siblings’ story, covered the adoption fee for the dog duo. Blue Buffalo Pet Food also chipped in by gifting the Armenbdariz family with a year supply of dog food.

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Helen Woodward Animal Center sent the puppies off with a big, sweet goodbye celebration which included a giant card signed by the rescue’s staff. The center is also providing specialized training by Rob Kuty from San Diego Pet Training to help Star adjust to her new home.

Courtesy Helen Woodward Animal Center

While Star and Denver have found forever homes, there are still plenty of pets at Helen Woodward Animal Center looking for loving families. You can learn more about them and the rescue at the center’s website.