Blake Shelton admits he's probably going to lose 'The Voice' to Kelly Clarkson

On The Voice Monday, Blake Shelton, who, in past seasons has dominated with his teams, for the first time ever predicted, fairly early in the season, that he is going to lose to Team Kelly Clarkson.

"I gotta say something here. You’re probably gonna win this show and I want to know exactly what's going on up in here," Blake told Team Kelly's 17-year-old country singer Kenzie Wheeler, pointing to his hair. He added,"You're probably gonna win The Voice, and that haircut's gonna be trending, and I want to be in on it."

In a parallel universe Team Kelly's mullet-rocking contestant probably would've won it all for Team Blake. However, during the blind auditions, Kelly used her one block against the cowboy for the four-chair-turn contestant.

Following Kenzie's knockout performance Monday night, Kelly admitted that she did feel a little guilty for keeping Kenzie from Team Blake. “I have one question: How incredibly mad were you at me for blocking you from getting on Blake’s team?” Kelly said laughingly, referring to Kenzie’s four-chair Blind Audition. “I mean, he was my first choice,” Kenzie answered sheepishly but honestly. Later in the show, Kelly even confessed to Kenzie, “I watched you in rehearsal, and I was like, ‘Oh no, he’s like a real Blake fan, and I just totally took that dream away!’”

Blake stated, "What a shame it is Kelly blocked me, and I didn't get my chance." In fact, even Voice viewers were wishing Kenzie was on Team Blake. However, it doesn't look like that's going to be happening any time soon because, in the end, Kelly picked Kenzie as the winner of his knockout round.