Black Twitter acts up while proving Sisqó has always been hilariously extra

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Remember when Sisqó did the most over a pair of women’s underwear in his music video? Well, Black Twitter does. The singer has had fans taking a trip down memory lane all weekend as they dig up all the receipts that prove he did the absolute most throughout the ’90s.

It all kicked off on Wednesday (March 8) when Twitter user Rose Gawd posted a poll asking who was more extra between Sisqó and Ginuwine. Both men have had several over-the-top moments in their videos and live performances, but an overwhelming amount of folks said the “Thong Song” artist was undeniably the most extra of the two with 77 percent of the votes.

Even the Baltimore native knows that he had his fair share of antics. He responded to the viral tweet with, “Me? Extra?” alongside a meme of Jerry from the “Tom and Jerry” cartoon with his signature belly button tattoo, leather pants, studded belt and blonde hair.

The crooner, who is one-fourth of the R&B group Dru Hill, was jokingly called out for starting the platinum blonde hair trend, leaving his mark on every track by loudly singing ‘Yeah,’ finding any and every reason to somersault across the stage and, honestly, just his overall enthusiasm for performing.

In between acting up with everyone else online, the four-time Grammy-nominated vocalist made sure to plug Dru Hill’s current tour. Sisqó is definitely not alone in his antics; group members Nokio, Jazz and Woody were right there with him — hence the popular meme of their hit song “Tell Me” and the iconic sky-high hop they did in the video. Although there is no denying that he took things to an entirely different level when he ventured off to explore success as a solo artist with his 1999 album Unleash the Dragon.

Peep Sisqó being extra in the posts below.

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