Black Panther Costume: See How It Was Tailored for 'Captain America: Civil War' by CGI

Chadwick Boseman’s Black Panther costume was CGI-enhanced throughout Captain America: Civil War, as directors Joe and Anthony Russo confirm in their Blu-ray commentary track for the film. Digital effects were par for the course in the summer blockbuster, which employed computers for virtually all its big moments, including its centerpiece airport fight. Now, a new video (watch it above) helps us visualize the process that brought Black Panther and his Avengers cohorts to life on the screen.

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As first reported by Slashfilm, the clip from visual effects company Cinesite provides a detailed look at the post-production details that went into making Civil War — not only with regard to Black Panther (who we see getting significant digital touch-ups), but also with just about every other aspect of the blockbuster adventure. What this video reminds us is that Marvel’s movies are awash in effects both obvious and subtle, and that there are very few images in any MCU effort left untouched by considerable computer artistry.

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While that won’t take anyone by surprise at this point, it’s nonetheless eye-opening to see the extreme amount of effects embellishment employed by a production like Civil War. The above video makes us wonder if, one day, these mega-budgeted movies may not require sets or props at all, since most everything seen on-screen can be accurately manufactured digitally. Think about that as you watch Cinesite’s “breakdown reel” above; the finished product, Captain America: Civil War, is available now on digital HD, Blu-ray, and DVD.

Watch a ‘Captain America: Civil War’ deleted scene from the Blu-ray release: