Black-ish invites Danny Glover on as an unexpected guest at Pops and Ruby's wedding

Marcus Jones
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Richard Cartwright/ABC

The long-awaited Black-ish wedding between Pops and Ruby is getting an extra-special attendee.

Not only is the ABC sitcom bringing on veteran actor Danny Glover as a guest star in the upcoming episode "Our Wedding Dre," it's welcoming him into the family.

In a move that reunites him with his The Color Purple costar Laurence Fishburne, Glover will play Pops' brother Uncle Norman, an unexpected guest who causes Dre's intimate wedding plans to go awry.

Dre (Anthony Anderson) isn't the only one having trouble, though. Elsewhere his mother, Ruby (Jenifer Lewis), refuses to let Bow (Tracee Ellis Ross) help her prepare for the wedding until an unanticipated situation provides an opening for her doctor daughter-in-law to remedy the issue.

Richard Cartwright/ABC

Black-ish showrunner Courtney Lilly previously teased the wedding episode, telling EW, "It will be a COVID wedding dealing with those kinds of realities." He added that for whatever issues Pops and Ruby may have, another breakup will likely not be one of them. "I'm not interested in, for the sake of drama, going like, 'They're on the rocks.' No, we've done it. They've reached the finish line. It's a challenge on us as writers to make sure that we didn't take out all the things that are interesting about their relationship."

“Our Wedding Dre” will air Wednesday, Nov. 18, at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. Check out two exclusive photos from the episode above.

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