Black Bear Snacks on Bird Feeder Near Wisconsin Cabin

A black bear was spotted smelling and eating from a bird feeder at a cabin in De Soto, Wisconsin, on May 6.

Matt Budwick posted the footage his dad captured to YouTube, and told Storyful they have owned the cabin for 37 years and have never seen a bear.

“This is the first bear sighting,” he said. “We have heard some of the people up there say a bear has knocked over there outside BBQ when out of town but no one has gotten this close or got pictures of the bear except for on field cameras.”

Budwick told Storyful his dad called the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to remove the bear.

“The DNR called my dad back this morning and said it’s a big male and a smaller female is known to be in the area as well,” he said.

Budwick told Storyful his dad was cooking steaks at the time of the sighting, and thinks the smell may have attracted the bear to the cabin. Credit: Matt Budwick via Storyful