'Black Adam' Trailer 1

See the first trailer for Dwayne Johnson's new superhero movie.

Video Transcript

- Black Adam, have your powers ever given to you?

- Nothing but heartache.


- I was a slave until I died. Then I was born a god. My son sacrificed his life to save me.

- Open fire!

- Now I kneel before no one.


War going on outside. We ain't save from--

- In this world, there are heroes.


I feel the pain in my city wherever I go.

- And there are villains.

- Heroes don't kill people.

- Well, I do.


- My vision has shown me the future. You have two choices, you can be the destroyer of this world or you can be its savior. That's up to you.

- Behind you!

- Did he just catch a rocket?

- He caught a rocket.



All-black everything. You know my fresh code.