Blac Chyna Reveals Baptism And Her Kids Motivated New Transformation

Angela White, formerly known as Blac Chyna, has continued to be in headlines this week for continuing to better her physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.

The former reality star recently revealed that she went under the knife again, but to reduce her breast size, butt injections, and dissolve her facial fillers. She also removed an unfavorable tattoo of a Baphomet, which is a goat-headed deity symbol associated with Satanism.

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On Wednesday (March 29), White sat with TMZ Live to speak on the reasons that made her want to “reinvent” herself and turn over a new leaf, crediting religion and her kids.

“Honestly, I just got sick and tired of being sick and tired,” she started. “I just honestly wasn’t living my life right and I was just attracting all this negativity. I wanted to honestly dig deep and really see like ‘What’s my purpose? Like why am I even here? Why am I here on Earth?’ and just really find myself.”

She further explained, “Being in the industry for so long, you will lose yourself. So I wanted to get back to myself and become a better mom, a better friend, be more spiritual, more business savvy and really show the real person that I am, and not this persona that I was putting on.”

White, 34, then revealed that for her birthday, she got Baptized and was “reborn.” Continuing her journey to a fresh start, she admitted to practicing “solitude,” and focused on herself. The mom-of-two revealed that over the last seven months she’s been finding herself — which has consisted of “working out, practicing sobriety and the Bible.”

“I just want to be happy. I just want to be peaceful with myself,” she added. “My kids are going to be seven and 11 this year, and I want to be a positive reflection on them so that the generations that’s to come can also have that peace and that stability and balance in their life, so that they can become successful and not fall victim to the things, that really honestly, are not good. None of those things serve me.”

The star of Zeus Network’s The Real Blac Chyna also revealed that her and Rob Kardashian are sharing 50/50 custody of their daughter Dream. Reportedly, White had lost full-custody of the six-year-old, in which she allegedly had only 30 percent custody.

“You know, this is a child that didn’t even ask to be here,” she said in regards to her rocky relationship with the Kardashians and her daughter being around them. “We need to all come together as a collective because it takes a village to raise a child. That’s just really like my focus as far as co-parenting goes. I’m very happy with the situation with the 50/50 custody and I think that everybody is happy. Especially Dream.”

“As long as Dream is happy I’m happy. I don’t really care about anything else.”

Watch Angela White’s sit-down with TMZ Live below.

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