Blac Chyna Reportedly Made $240 Million On OnlyFans. Why The Reality Star Says That’s All Over

 Blac Chyna at red carpet event OnlyFans era.
Blac Chyna at red carpet event OnlyFans era.

It’s been a whirlwind few years for Blac Chyna, aka Angela White. The reality personality and mom of two made a slew of money on OnlyFans, failed to sue the Kardashians for defamation and allegedly got the ball rolling on a new project with her mom before “respecting” herself and “her boundaries” and taking a break from that relationship. Speaking of breaks, she’s seemingly on a more permanent one with the subscription platform, despite having made almost $240 million there.

In 2021, varying reports indicated that Blac Chyna was making $20 million a month thanks to her content creation on then-fledgling subscription network OnlyFans. At the time, it was a space for a lot of celebrities to make money, not just Blac Chyna. Even the father of her kid, Tyga, made millions there.  Cardi B, Bella Thorne and other stars were making millions of dollars for a time. However, the star now says her focus is elsewhere and she’s quit the platform cold turkey.

That’s another reason why I wanted to step out of some of the things that I was doing. At a certain age they [kids] see and gravitate to everything. Like for example, I don’t do OnlyFans anymore. I don’t do it anymore at all.

Speaking to her pal Jason Lee on Revolt, she opened up on a slew of topics, including her relationship with her mom and the lawsuit she infamously filed against the women in the Kardashian clan. She also said she’s been keeping her kids in mind, particularly as her relationship with her mom grows more estranged in the “loud” era of social media. (She also said “right now, no, there’s no way for me to talk to her” and that she’s trying to be at “peace” and keep “boundaries with her mom Shalana Hunter amidst familial strife.)

Specifically on the OnlyFans front, however, Blac Chyna clarified that for her, being a part of the subscription platform felt like “a dead end.” She felt like there were directions and angles she could jump into in regards to her career and she didn’t need to resort to making money on a platform her kids might one day see and here about.

Because I’m just changing everything about me. It’s a dead end. All of that stuff is a dead end and I know I’m worth way more than that… I did [create a show]. I feel like I have other things, bigger fish to like fry. And at the time I had so many things and lawsuits and this and that. It’s like whoa. Shoutout to the people who still have their OnlyFans. Get your money, don’t let the money make you.

To be clear, she did shoutout all the people making a living on OnlyFans, and there are a lot of them making an average wage on the platform every day. It's also worth noting that, oppositely, some content creators there – people like Baywatch’s Carmen Electra, have spoken out about the freedom the platform has given them in their careers. For Chyna, however, it seemingly was good to make money for a while on OnlyFans, but she’s ready to move on. We'll have to wait and see what she'll do next.