Bizarre and semi-creepy 'AGT' act leaves all four judges flabbergasted

During the final auditions of America's Got Talent Tuesday, Russian dance illusionist Pasha surprised the judges with the most creative act of the night.

Even more surprising, Pasha's act was originally supposed to be a duo audition with his wife, who he claimed missed her flight. Fortunately, in what judge Howie Mandel called "the ultimate show must go on," Pasha slayed his act solo, and the judges absolutely loved it.

After Pasha momentarily left the stage, host Terry Crews wheeled out a pair of uncanny-valley robot dolls – a dancing duo that appeared to be half-human/half-marionettes. At the end of their bizarre and creepy spinning-music-box routine, the female doll flipped her crinoline… to reveal the solo Pasha underneath!

"I loved it. That was so surprising. I've never seen anything like this," exclaimed Sofia Vergara.

Hard-to-impress Simon Cowell stated, "Uh, you got us, didn't you? Yeah, we were all thinking this is gonna be terrible, and actually, it was great. It was a great surprise, I loved that."

AGT viewers also got a kick out of the trippy dance number and, in the end, of course, Pasha got four yeses.

"If they just tuned in, you're gonna freak a lot of little children out. I'll start you off with a yes," Howie told Pasha, while Simon shared, "We love to be surprised, and that's what you just did. That's why you got four yeses."