Bizarre 'DWTS' moment as Tyra Banks eats fried chicken hidden in drag queen's dress: 'Crispy!'

Tyra Banks had a finger-licking-good time Monday on Dancing With the Stars, thanks to some wardrobe catering provided by Shangela. After last week’s performance, judge Len Goodman said Shangela's legwork needed to be more crisp. So the drag queen came this week with a trick up her sleeve — well technical down her top.

Following her tango, head judge Len Goodman said, “It was your best dance of the season.”

“But Len, were my legs crispy?” asked Shangela.

“Your legs were flexed, they had drive and you had heal leads going on,” the judge replied.

While fans agreed with Goodman’s assessment, they probably didn’t expect what happened next. The drag queen pulled a plastic bag from her decote and it had a piece of fried chicken in it. She handed the chicken to Goodman.

Shangela explained, “Mamma said to make sure I give you this crispy chicken because my legs were just as crispy.”

The moment was so unusual, host Tyra Banks was hungry for more information. “Did you dance this entire time with a piece of fried chicken in your decote?” she asked.

“I danced with two pieces of fried chicken in my titties,” Shangela repiled. She withdrew a second chicken leg from her top, which Banks eagerly took a large bite from. Based on the reactions from Twitter, viewers were completely dumbfounded when Banks took a bite out of the Shangela seasoned fried chicken and then went back for more.

Chicken legs must be lucky like rabbits’ feet, because Shangela scored a personal best with her finger-licking-good performance. And while Tyra literally savored the moment, guest judge Michael Bublé had a pretty good time too.

“This is the best day of my life,” he said.

Dancing With the Stars streams Mondays at 8 p.m. on Disney+.

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