Bing Bong Is a Brick-Throwing Rabble-Rouser in 'Inside Out' Deleted Scene

According to his theme song, Inside Out’s breakout character Bing Bong is “your friend who likes to play” — but in early drafts of the screenplay, he also liked to protest authority. In this featurette from the Inside Out Blu-Ray (via Collider), director Pete Doctor presents a deleted scene that shows Bing Bong as “a radical nonconformist,” expressing his outrage at changes inside 11-year-old Riley’s brain. Watch the scene above.

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As Docter explains, the first version of Bing Bong was “a rabble-rouser,” trying “to make Riley stay the way she was, for his own self-benefit.” The deleted scene takes place after Joy goes into Riley’s mind, attempting to recover the long-term memories that she and Sadness accidentally displaced. In the far corner’s of Riley’s brain, she finds Bing Bong, Riley’s long-forgotten imaginary friend, who takes Joy on a tour of all the new construction. There’s a swear word library, a sarcasm generator, and a towering Center for Boy Research. “We’re not gonna take this lying down!” Bing Bong shouts at the contractors expanding Riley’s mind. “We are gonna bring back playtime and nap time and — power to the imaginary people!”

In the final film, of course, Bing Bong (voiced by Richard Kind) became a much more mellow, joyful character — and made the greatest sacrifice of all to help Riley grow up.

Watch the voice of Bing Bong, Richard Kind, talk about his tearjerking scene [Warning: spoilers]

The Inside Out Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack will be released on November 3. The film will also be available on Digital HD beginning October 13.