Billy Porter Talks Being a "Walking Piece of Political Art" & Teases Future Red Carpet Fashion

Billy Porter Talks Being a "Walking Piece of Political Art" & Teases Future Red Carpet Fashion

2020 was the year of virtual award shows and canceled industry events, but at the same time the red carpet was being put on hold, one of the stars known to steal the style spotlight was busy planning for fashion's future.

We're talking about Billy Porter, of course.

The actor stopped by Monday, Feb. 1's Daily Pop, and E! News' Justin Sylvester got the inside scoop on what fans can expect to see when it comes time for Hollywood's red carpet revival.

"You know, I am now working with Ty Hunter who is my new stylist, and we really, through quarantine, have been able to just get a handle on and get in the driver's seat of the train that took off," Billy explained, referencing his looks' tendency to go viral.

He continued, "It just took off so quick that like, you know, I just wanted to make sure that what I'm saying as I walk onto these red carpets, into the events—as a walking piece of political art, that's what I'm trying to be every time—that we're clear."

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So while Billy doesn't have an exact idea of what he'll be rocking on the red carpet, "I'm clear about the conversation that I'm trying to have."

And yes, he's hard at work when it comes to sorting out the details. The Pose star is fully "on the fashion train," and even has "a big piece" coming out in April's InStyle.

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As for Pose itself, filming is currently underway with COVID-19 protocols, Billy told E! News, adding that it's "been really lovely to be back at work."

That's not all he's keeping busy with, though. This Thursday, Billy's taking part in the Blue Jacket Fashion Show, co-founded by a longtime friend of his, Frederick Anderson.

"He called me a couple of years back to be a part of the Blue Jacket Fashion Show, which is focused on prostate cancer and care for men," Billy explained. "You know...I am a man of a certain age where that is necessary, I have to start thinking about it. My father had prostate cancer. It's in my family. So you know, the awareness to just bring light to the issue."

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Hear more about the fashion show, along with Billy's new puppy, in the above Daily Pop clip!

RSVP to join the free Blue Jacket Fashion Show event on February 4th at 7 p.m. ET here.