Billy Eichner, Paul Rudd revive Billy on the Street for Bros : 'I'm sorry I'm not Florence Pugh!'

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Bros writer-star Billy Eichner has returned to sass more people (yes, "for a f---ing camera") with a new special edition of his beloved comedy series Billy on the Street.

Eichner brought along "famous and beloved straight man" Paul Rudd for the mini revival, which essentially plays as a (nonetheless hilarious) three-minute promotional spot for his upcoming romantic comedy. Still, there's lots of yelling, Rudd literally picking up a man on a street corner, and innocent New Yorkers turning down the actor's request that they buy a ticket on opening day ("I'm sorry I'm not Florence Pugh!" he squeals at one unlucky woman).

Later, Eichner recruits a gaggle of lesbians and spars with a man who asks him if rapper Playboi Carti is in the film (no). After he challenges Eichner to name a Playboi Carti song, the host retorts by demanding he "name one song by Barbra Streisand, bitch!"

Paul Rudd and Billy Eichner for the Bros edition of Billy on the Street
Paul Rudd and Billy Eichner for the Bros edition of Billy on the Street

Billy Eichner/Twitter Paul Rudd and Billy Eichner revive 'Billy on the Street' with lesbians for 'Bros.'

The new "episode" arrives just weeks after Eichner revealed that he'd never reboot the show that made him a star as a regular series.

"I might revive it for a special occasion, but the TV series is done," Eichner told Variety. "I will never do it again in any regular fashion. I have no desire to be a 44-year-old man running around the streets all year long screaming at people."

Billy Eichner
Billy Eichner

Billy Eichner/Twitter Billy Eichner revives 'Billy on the Street' for 'Bros.'

Bros is in theaters on Sept. 30. Watch the new Billy on the Street episode with Rudd above.

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