Billy Corgan: NWA Jr Heavyweight Title Match Will Showcase ‘The Future Of The Business’

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Billy Corgan looks forward to elevating the future stars of the National Wrestling Alliance.

As the National Wrestling Alliance prepares for its 75th anniversary show this weekend, NWA President Billy Corgan lays out the match he believes will encapsulate the future of the company. Speaking with WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard, Corgan was asked to identify a match that best highlights his vision for the NWA.

While the contest hasn’t happened yet, Corgan is confident that the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship match between Kerry Morton and Colby Corino will allow fans to witness what he describes as “the future of the business.”

“You mentioned Colby Corino and Kerry Morton earlier. I love that because you’ve got this beautiful combination of things. You’ve got Kerry and Colby, multi-generation superstars. Ricky Morton, one of the most decorated champions in NWA history. Steve Corino, Colby’s father, former NWA World Heavyweight Champion. Steve now, of course, works for WWE behind the scenes. Very accomplished person, very intelligent person. Somebody I actually even worked with in ECW once upon a moon long, long ago. Multi-generational talents, and here we have a chance to see really the future of the business,” Corgan said.

“I’m not trying to put that on their shoulders. What I’m saying is there are moments when you can go — people point back to like Eddie Guerrero and [Chris] Jericho with this one moment in WCW. I think we’re about to have another one of those moments. Tony Khan snatched up a lot of the great independent talent and helped build what is now AEW, and those stars are starting to have their own moments.”

Showcasing The Future

In addition to Colby Corino and Kerry Morton, Corgan also pinpointed sisters Kenzie Paige and Kylie Alexa as notable rising stars. As he looks toward the future, Corgan seems extra eager to showcase these types of talents in the National Wrestling Alliance.

“I think now we’re starting to look at, okay, well, what’s the next generation of stars that’s coming? You see it with the Paige sisters in the NWA, Colby and Kerry having a match for the NWA Junior Heavyweight Title. I just love that because, maybe I’m a bit sentimental, but it might be one of those matches that you look back a few years from now and you go, ‘Okay, that was the beginning of this other thing that we didn’t necessarily see coming.’ And in the case of both those gentlemen, they both grew up in the business. So, there’s that other sense of history that they bring to the table. That’s the stuff I love,” Corgan said.

Morton will defend his NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship against Corino on night one of NWA 75.

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