These Jokes About Billie Eilish's New Hair Color Are Seriously Sending Me

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Billie Eilish got a new hair color!

Close-up of Billie walking and smiling
Rb / GC Images / Getty Images

The singer shared a pic of her new haircut on her Instagram story:

@billieeilish / / @goldeilishgirl / Via Twitter: @goldeilishgirl

Look familiar?

Close-up of BIllie's hair

Well, probably yes, because it looks like a hurricane barreling toward land.

Twitter: @tattooedsaturn

"She got a supercell radar reflectivity scan on her head!!!" this storm chaser said.

Twitter: @TristanWhiteWx

"It's giving category 3, picking up strength as it goes across the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico," another person said.

@billieeilish / / @dbrailzzz / Via Twitter: @dbrailzzz

It's a whole hurricane of a hairstyle.

@billieeilish / / @patjrogers / Via Twitter: @patjrogers

This person drew a severe thunderstorm watch on her head.

@billieeilish / / @ chicano031 / Via Twitter: @chicano031

This person shared a picture of 1976's Typhoon Billie.

@billieeilish / / @tinstax / Via Twitter: @tinstax

That looks like some messy weather, but it's also pretty rad.

@billieeilish / / @feydemon / Via Twitter: @feydemon

As this person wrote, "Let's hope she doesn't hit any warm water off the coast of florida."

@billieeilish / / @ForrestPike / Via Twitter: @ForrestPike