Billie Eilish shared a clip of her bloodthirsty acting debut on Donald Glover's new series Swarm

BIllie Eilish may already have an Oscar, but she's just now making her acting debut on Donald Glover's first post-Atlanta series, Swarm. And by the looks of it, the kid's a natural. A creepy natural.

Eilish shared a brief clip of her in Swarm, a horror/thriller about an obsessed fan named Dre, played by Dominique Fishback.

Billie Eilish in 'Swarm'
Billie Eilish in 'Swarm'

apple tv+ Billie Eilish in 'Swarm'

In the clip, Dre describes seeing milk spilled on a carpet and Eilish, as a character named Eva, asks her, "What color was the milk?" When Dre reveals that the milk was red, Eva asks, in a hushed, but seemingly delighted tone, "Did you hurt someone?" And smiles. Dre admits she has and Eva declares, "Very good."

It's all rather creepy and adds to the mystique surrounding Swarm, created by Glover and Atlanta writer and producer Janine Nabors. The creators described Dre as a sort of anti-hero, in the vein of Don Draper or Tony Soprano, but "through the lens of a Black, modern-day woman." Dre's love of fictional, Beyoncé-like pop star Ni'Jah drives her to commit dark, violent, murderous actions in an exploration of the toxic side of iconography and fandom.

Fishback is already earning raves for her performance, with Nabers recalling the last scene of the pilot they shot, in which "every single person stopped what they were doing and gave Dom a standing ovation for three minutes."

Nabers added, "I've been doing TV for a long time and I've never seen that. That was the moment that Donald and I looked at each other and we were like, 'All right — we got something right.'"

Chlöe Bailey, a burgeoning pop icon in her own right, also stars as Dre's sister Marissa and Snowfall actor Damson Idris appears as Marissa's boyfriend, Khalid. And in addition to Eilish, guest stars include Rickey Thompson, Paris Jackson, Rory Culkin, Kiersey Clemons, and Byron Bowers. Swarm premieres on Prime Video March 17.

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