Billie Eilish Promises That ‘There Is Lots of Music Coming’

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Billie Eilish has been teasing new music for a while and in an interview with The Cookout this week, the singer said she has a lot in store for for fans. “There is lots of music coming,” she said. “There is a whole album of music coming. We’re in the final stages of making it, so that doesn’t mean it’s about to come out, but it is getting there and it’s very exciting.”

Eilish did not reveal a possible release date or title for the follow-up to her 2021 Happier Than Ever album, while also tamping down speculation that she was working on another live documentary after host Eliott asked why she was spotted wearing a GoPro camera during a recent gig.

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“I put a GoPro on, because after the shows I run out into the crowd and jump up on the barricade and grab everybody… really they grab me, and I just submit to it,” Eilish explained. “I just put myself there, whatever happens, happens. Whoever grabs what, I submit myself… I open my arms and just let them hug me and grab my arm and touch me. I just think it’s really special to do that and I get so much out of it even though it’s terrifying a little.”

Eilish also described writing the swoony Barbie song “What Was I Made For?” very quickly in the studio one day during a frustrating session where nothing was coming together for her and producer/co-writer brother Finneas. “I was literally leaving, I was walking out the door. It was late, I’d been there for six hours or something and Finneas was like, ‘hold on, should we try to write this song?'”

The singer said she demurred at first, arguing, “‘How are we going to write a song that’s good enough right now on a day that we suck for something so important?'” But then, the pair sat down and wrote almost the entire song in a few hours. “It’s insane? When does that ever happen?” she said.

Watch the Cookout interview below (new music talk begins at 5:30 point).

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