Billie Eilish Breaks Down Her Vintage Barbie Look from Her Music Video: ‘Full-On Wig City’

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Eilish said she wore two different wigs for her 'Barbie' soundtrack song

<p>Billie Eilish/YouTube</p> Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish threw it way back when she was coming up with her look for the music video for “What Was I Made For?

On Thursday, the singer, 21, detailed to Allure the vintage Barbie she modeled her blonde hair after for the video. “I kind of based the whole Barbie aesthetic on, like, the vintage Barbie. That was like the idea,” Eilish said.

“And that’s not the Barbie that I grew up with, but it’s definitely, like, the coolest one,” she added. “It was just saving a lot of different photos of all different Barbie hair and all different hair from that period of time.”

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In the music video, Eilish sits at an antique desk while sporting a '60s-style blonde ponytail and a yellow dress.

Eilish revealed that she wanted her hair to be “a classic Barbie blonde and high ponytail.” However, she didn't realize how hard it would be to create the look. “It was a full-on wig city,” she said.

The singer’s hair was styled by Ben Mohapi, who, according to Eilish, also found the creation of the look to be a tough task.

<p>Billie Eilish/YouTube</p> Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish/YouTube

Billie Eilish

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“Ben — who has lived a lot of life and done a lot of things — said it was the hardest thing he’s ever had to do,” Eilish said. “Because it was days and days of work and also because it was one take and it was going to get super windy and it was going to get rained on.”

Eilish went on to say that due to the ponytail only being able to be made while the wig was on her head, she had to sit for two hours while Mohapi styled her hair.

“I always end up having these ideas that make things really hard for me and for everybody else too,” she said.

Eilish’s Barbie chat was also part of the same discussion with Allure where she revealed that she still struggles with fame. She candidly shared that it’s challenging when thinking about not having privacy again.

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