Billboard Expands in South America With Launch of Billboard Brasil

Billboard announced Tuesday (Sept. 5) the launch of Billboard Brasil, expanding its footprint in South America.

“We are thrilled to be launching Billboard in Latin America’s biggest music market,” said Hannah Karp, editorial director of Billboard. “We look forward to serving Portuguese-speaking fans and creators around the world as their No. 1 source of news and insight about the business of music—with unparalleled access to the artists who power it.”

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Added Dana Droppo, Billboard‘s chief brand officer, “We were inspired to bring Billboard to Brazil. We have a great team in place for what feels like a significant moment for the Brazilian music industry, which is gaining strength in international markets. We feel that this will be a new era of success and growth for Billboard.”

According to a press release, the first print edition of Billboard Brasil is set to arrive on newsstands in the coming weeks. The inaugural issue will feature exclusive coverage of The Town, the five-day festival in São Paulo, taking place now through Sept. 10. To celebrate the launch of the first issue, Billboard Brasil will host an afterparty. Additional details are forthcoming.

“Billboard is a solid brand, and we look forward to welcoming it to the Brazilian market. We are excited to develop an innovative format for bold, differentiated, and comprehensive projects,” said Fátima Pissarra, CEO of Billboard Brasil, who previously spent eight years at VEVO.

“There is a big gap in music coverage and, at the same time, a very strong market,“ said Débora Miranda, editor-in-chief, Billboard Brasil, who has been working in cultural coverage for 25 years. “It is a joy to be part of a project whose mission is to reflect the musical diversity of Brazil and a privilege to do this with one of the most important brands in the world.”

With over 30 years of experience in music journalism, Sergio Martins will be responsible for exclusive articles and interviews in the print publication. “We want to make a magazine that unites entertainment with quality content,” said Martins, musical director & artistic curator, Billboard Brasil. “At Billboard, all musical styles will have a voice and their stories will be told by an attentive and talented team.”

Carlos Scappini, Marcus Buaiz, Marcello Azevedo, Murilo Henare, Raquel and Michel Kury round out the publication’s operations team.

Billboard Brasil adds to the list of the publication’s international editions, including Billboard Japan, Billboard Korea, Billboard Arabia, Billboard Español and others.

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