Bill Nye Is Back to Save the World From Fake Science

Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! If you grew up in the ’90s, you knew that whenever your science teacher rolled out the TV cart, it was time for an episode of Bill Nye the Science Guy! Well, Bill is back and saving the world with his new Netflix series, Bill Nye Saves the World!

SuperFan TV got the chance to sit down with Nye to discuss the show and how we could join his quest to save the world. And he says getting involved is the key, “I would say participate in society. Participate in the political process. Don’t take it for granted — the nature of nature.”

The 13-episode season tackles topics like climate change, space travel, and sex, and there are a few scientific subjects that Nye has on his Season 2 wish list, including the brain and the science of sports.

And Nye isn’t trying to save the world all alone, he has a cadre of experts and celebrity guests to help him out, including the artist behind “Panda,” Desiigner. The former Science Guy discussed who he’d like to cameo in the future and naturally name-dropped two of the world’s biggest stars, Beyoncé and Taylor Swift, before adding that he and the producers have been perfectly happy with those they’ve had on so far. “My experience has been that people want to be on the show. People want to be involved in this nerd culture, and it’s cool, it’s been really fun.”

Bill Nye Saves the World is streaming now on Netflix.

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