Bill Maher, Megyn Kelly Torched for ‘Deciding What’s Best for Children of Black Americans’ (Video)

Bill Maher and Megyn Kelly’s chat on Friday night’s “Real Time,” about why she took her kids out of private school, quickly devolved into what some on social media are calling a culture war against white Americans.

Kelly’s three children, two boys and a girl, were in the New York City private school system, which she said were “definitely leftist. We’re more center-right, and that’s fine… then they started taking a really hard turn toward social justice stuff.”

In the opening interview on Maher’s HBO show, Kelly went on to describe how the school entered her third-grade son in what she referred to as “an experimental trans education program on these 8- and 9-year-old boys. And it wasn’t about support. We felt it was about trying to convince them, like, ‘Come on over!'” There was also a letter, she said, that the school circulated that spoke of “black bodies dropping around us” in the streets for which white supremacists were to blame, a comment which Kelly called “divisive” and “racist.”

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“Then, our kindergartner was told to write a letter to the Cleveland Indians objecting to their mascot,” she added with a laugh. “Now, he’s six. Like, can he learn how to spell Cleveland before we activate him?”

Maher interjected that he has heard from liberal parents who say, “My kids are not ready to be told that they’re white supremacists. I’m not ready to be told that.”

Megyn Kelly said that the “push” now is “to lean into victimhood.”

“And it’s not just a race thing. I mean, I see it with some of my fellow women. It’s not that the #MeToo situation wasn’t real, but we don’t have to lean into victimhood — even when we might be victims.”

That whole line of thought had many on social media screaming “foul.”

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“U know it’s bad when 2 very privileged, white, rich ppl are deciding what’s best for Children of Black Americans that have been tortured, harassed, murdered, incarcerated, & targeted by Police b/c of their skin color. FU @megynkelly FU @billmaher,” wrote one Twitter user.

“Bill Maher has officially taken over this guys job #RealTime his show is becoming more and more racially insensitive,” one Twitter user wrote as a caption to a gif of Rush Limbaugh giving a thumbs-up.

Another wrote: “Bill Maher and Megyn Kelly criticizing racism is like McDonald’s criticizing cow slaughter.”

“If you multiply my ‘bothsidesism” platforming criticism of CNN and Andersen Cooper times 100, you get Bill Maher. No alleged white liberal normalizes white supremacy more,” Deadspin writer Chuck Modi tweeted.

You can watch Maher’s interview with Kelly in its entirety in the video at the top.

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