Bill Maher Goes Off on ‘Woke’ James Bond, Who Is No Longer Allowed to ‘F—Hot Chicks’

Comedian Bill Maher, apparently, likes forever cool dude James Bond to have as much indiscriminate sex with as many exotic beauties as the dashing womanizer can get, a lifestyle which Maher thinks has been put in jeopardy because of the new “woke world.”

On Maher’s latest edition of “Club Random Podcast,” the “Real Time” host spoke with YouTube star Hannah Stocking, who slipped into the conversation that she had a background in science.

“You’re the hot scientist. You’re like Dr. Christmas in the embassy, the James Bond movie,” Maher said of the fictional nuclear physicist played by Denise Richards in “The World Is Not Enough.”

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“This was back in the day when James Bond was allowed to like, like, f— hot chicks. You know, now they can really, p—ified him,” Maher said. “It’s so pathetic. [Bond] literally takes his girlfriend and her daughter on his mission to save the world. He practically stops off at Target to buy tampons on the way to the underground lair.”

He continued: “Yes, it’s because that’s what this is. The woke world we live in. But back in that day, Dr. Christmas and Denise Richards was hotter than the sun, still is, and but also a brilliant scientist. Which is just like, you looked at her and went, ‘That’s not really possible.’”

Yes, attractive women can be super smart. There’s no law of nature against it. But come on, you gotta admit the Bond franchise objectifies women. Always has. And if pointing that out means the “woke world” is having an effect on films, hooray.