Who’s the biggest threat to the US? Liberals and Black Lives Matter protesters

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Liberals are destroying the US

Democrats have ignored federal immigration law for a long time, but the law-breaking of Democratic mayors and district attorneys in liberal-run cities across America associated with the George Floyd riots may be the greatest injustice in U.S. history.

Just as we should never forget what happened on Sept. 11, 2001, Americans should remember what happened during those months of chaos. Young liberals under the Black Lives Matter banner burned and destroyed vehicles, businesses, police precincts and statues of great Americans. They assaulted police officers and police stations with bricks and Molotov cocktails.

Video evidence was captured of thousands of violent crimes. But arrests were made in far too few of these cases, and many charges were dropped.

Allowing these criminals to run free has emboldened the bad guys.

- Mike Cloud, Lubbock

Keeping the fires stoked

Criticism of so-called “critical race theory” has exploded upon the nation’s conversation. Did the founders really believe that all men are created equal? Nope, they kept slavery intact.

Did Texans fight for freedom from Mexican oppression? Nope, Texans fought to keep slavery in Texas.

Was the Civil War about states’ rights? Nope, it was about slavery.

Did the end of slavery end discrimination? Nope, Jim Crow laws and the Ku Klux Klan continued violent racial oppression.

Are recent Republican election laws about election integrity? Nope, in the absence of any evidence of voter fraud, they are clearly intended to suppress certain voters.

We aren’t all inherently racist, but Republicans have been able to form a powerful minority coalition of racist, anti-science, religiously intolerant, conspiracy-loving voters.

- Don Kinard, Arlington

Storm clouds ahead in Everman

Fort Worth Mayor Mattie Parker and City Council member Chris Nettles are pleased that a 330-house addition called Pecan Meadows won unanimous council approval. (Sept. 16, 6A, “Fort Worth housing project approved over neighbor dissent. What about the trees?”)

I want to know whether they bothered to study the history of flooding in this area, caused by the excess drainage from upstream.

This new project will only make matters worse for those who live in Everman near this area. Fort Worth has a long history of flooding out homeowners by routing stormwater this way. Now, the council is going to make matters worse.

- Randy Sanders, Fort Worth

Pools are important to a city

One mark of a great city is the recreation facilities available for its residents. A significant measure is the number of swimming pools. It appears the Fort Worth Park and Recreation Department has other priorities in mind.

Instead of increasing the number of pools and maintaining existing pools, the department wants to replace the historic Forest Park Pool. (Sept. 18, 1A, “Residents object to proposed new Forest Park Pool design”)

Maybe we need someone who has the people of Fort Worth in mind for swimming recreation. Multiple city pools have been closed over the years. These pools should be renovated and reopened. The Forest Park Pool needs to be renovated and celebrated as a landmark.

We need more pools, not fewer.

- Dan Moore, Fort Worth