Big Mouth's season six trailer is a family affair

Big Mouth
Big Mouth

Big Mouth is back for another round of humiliation, sexual awakening, and disgusting monsters farting out babies. And based on the trailer for season six, John Mulaney and Nick Kroll are getting the whole family involved.

New dad John Mulaney, whose family saga became the subject of an ungodly amount of internet drama in the past year, is using the TV show to share some of those child-rearing tips he’s learned—well, we presume. The show, with its hormone monsters, sexual humiliations, and enormous heads, is an often hilarious and disgusting depiction of adolescence

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For season six, Andrew Glouberman and Nick Birch (Mulaney and Kroll, respectively) are older but not much wiser. As Andrew accidentally does his best American Pie for his parents, dancing in his underwear on the family Zoom account, Nick learns that he’s the descendant of a Viking nipple-twisting champion. Meanwhile, Maury, the hormone monster, is pregnant as hell because Connie forgot to crush up a Plan B in his calzone. It’s more Big Mouth action than one trailer can contain.

Since this is Big Mouth, the new season promises a slew of guest stars to provide vocal performances that will leave you distracted mid-episode as you ponder whose voice you’re hearing. Guest stars for this season include Annaleigh Ashford, Amber Ruffin, Brian Tyree Henry, Chris O’Dowd, Cole Escola, Ed Helms, Ira Glass, Jeff Goldblum, Matt Rogers, Peter Capaldi, Steve-O, Tyler The Creator, and, fresh off becoming the internet’s main character, Adam Levine. However, two people that aren’t guest starring are Paul F. Tompkins and Scott Aukerman—even though some eagle-eyed viewers have spotted them in the show’s character designs.

The next 10-episode season premieres on Netflix on October 28.