New 'Transformers: Age of Extinction' Poster Features Chilling 'Bots and Killer Bods

Big guns, bulging biceps, and lots of robot-wrought destruction: Yes, the just-released official poster for Transformers: Age of Extinction has all the hallmarks of its director, Michael Bay.

In this latest look at Age of Extinction, a towering, glowering Optimus Prime stands amid a post-battle rubble with the Sword of Judgment, a serious-looking saber primed to do some major damage to the Decepticons. Beneath him is Mark Wahlberg, clutching an alien rifle that’s easily the longest appendage the actor’s carried around since his Boogie Nights days. Also pictured are fresh faces Nicola Peltz, who plays Wahlberg’s daughter, and her love interest, played by Jack Reynor. Everyone here is in tip-top shape; after all, this is the kind of movie where the stars are more likely to eat cars than carbs.

Age of Extinction rolls out into theaters on June 27.