Big Brother's Nicole Franzel Posts Shady TikTok After Janelle Pierzina Accuses Her Of Cheating On Upcoming Reality Series

 Janelle and Nicole on Big Brother on CBS
Janelle and Nicole on Big Brother on CBS
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Big Brother legends Janelle Pierzina and Nicole Franzel-Arroyo butted heads when they appeared in Season 22 together, and it seems like neither one has moved on much since. Pierzina was on Twitter recently with some damning allegations about her rival and her alleged attempt to "pregame" ahead of a new reality competition, which is a form of cheating that Franzel-Arroyo was accused of in Season 22. And Franzel-Arroyo responded with some shade!

Let's start at the beginning, though! Rumors circulated ahead of Big Brother Season 22, also known as All-Stars 2, that Nicole Franzel-Arroyo and Cody Calafiore had orchestrated a Final Two alliance ahead of the actual start of the game. Many saw this as an unfair advantage considering many Houseguests were unaware of this information, and it's hard to dispute it, given both made it to the Final Three of the season, and Calafiore won. Janelle Pierzina, in particular, felt it ruined the game and is now apparently trying to prevent the same thing by making claims about the winner of Big Brother Season 18 on Twitter:

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That's a pretty bold accusation from Janelle Pierzina, but she has never been shy to share her opinion of other former Big Brother players. This is especially true when it comes to Nicole Franzel-Arroyo, who targeted Pierzina as quickly as she possibly could in Season 22. Pierzina, who placed much higher in her previous seasons, ended up being the third person evicted that season.

As of writing, there's no confirmation Amazon is working on a series called Battle of the Network Stars. Nicole Franzel-Arroyo claimed she wasn't aware any show like that existed either when asked about it by a fan during a since-expired Q&A session on Instagram Stories (via ScreenRant):

No! Not true, I haven't even heard of that show until I got a bunch of messages asking today.

Nicole Franzel-Arroyo stands nothing to gain by confirming the existence of an unannounced reality series she may be a part of. Admitting she's secretly working with other players cast in the hypothetical series could jeopardize her chances of appearing. Basically, even if Franzel-Arroyo did everything that Janelle Pierzina alleged, I feel the odds of her admitting it to the public would be very slim.

Nicole Franzel-Arroyo wasn't going to take the accusations lying down and evidently couldn't resist a little passive-aggressive clap back at Janelle Pierzina. While the Big Brother winner didn't explicitly call out Pierzina, she did post a TikTok that seemed to reference the tweet and why Pierzina would spread a rumor about her:

We may never actually get the real story of who is right with this reality star drama. As it stands right now, there's no concrete evidence that Battle of the Network Stars exists at Amazon, though it has existed over the past few decades at various points on cable television. Ultimately, if Nicole Franzel-Arroyo is announced as part of some reality show in the coming months, this may give the rumor a little more credibility. For now, it just seems like a reignited feud between two reality legends that doesn't look like it'll simmer anytime soon.

Those with a Paramount+ subscription can revisit Nicole Franzel-Arroyo and Janelle Pierzina's showdowns by streaming Big Brother Season 22. If nothing else, this drama is enough to tide fans over while they wait for Season 25 and try to decipher Julie Chen-Moonves' vague posting.