Big Brother stars explain why they think they're going to win The Challenge: USA

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Big Brother stars explain why they think they're going to win The Challenge: USA

The new CBS spin-off of The Challenge has a competition hidden within the competition.

Of course, every reality TV alum from SurvivorBig BrotherThe Amazing Race, and Love Island on the cast of The Challenge: USA is going to be battling it out in the extreme challenges and eliminations for their shot at half a million dollars as the game tests their physical, mental, political, social, and emotional limits. This is still The Challenge, after all — it may be on a new network but it's still the same game that fans have known and loved since it premiered on MTV in 1998, just with an all-new roster of contestants.

But the unspoken game within the game is seeing which reality show best prepared the cast for The Challenge — if they're even prepared for it at all.

The cast of 'The Challenge: USA'
The cast of 'The Challenge: USA'

CBS The cast of 'The Challenge: USA'

EW has your exclusive sneak peek at the upcoming season (see video above) that features all the Big Brother cast members (plus The Challenge host TJ Lavin) explaining why they think they're going to dominate The Challenge: USA. From season 23 winner Xavier Prather to season 23 contestant Tiffany Mitchell, season 23 contestant Alyssa Lopez, seasons 21 and 22 contestant David Alexander, seasons 12 and 22 contestant Enzo Palumbo, season 20 contestant Angela Rummans, season 23 contestant Kyland Young, and season 23 contestant Derek Xiao, the players known for their social and political skills reveal their biggest strengths that they think will help them win this new reality competition.

Plus, they also reveal their biggest pet peeves that they're going to be struggling with in the house. And yes, there is definitely some shade being thrown between some of these Big Brother alums based on grudges left over from their previous seasons together. Could that spell trouble for the Big Brother players if they can't work together to make an alliance against the other show alums? Or will they learn to put their past differences aside to make sure Big Brother dominates The Challenge: USA? Watch the video above to see who might be beefing.

The Challenge: USA premieres Wednesday, July 6, at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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