Big Brother Star Hisam Goueli Claims He Didn’t Hear Luke Valentine’s Racial Slur

Hisam Goueli
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Now that Big Brother 25 houseguest Hisam Goueli has been evicted, he’s dishing all the news about Luke Valentine and his bigoted ways.

Days after the new season of Big Brother took off, former houseguest Luke was sent packing for breaking the BB Code of Conduct. It states that a houseguest must not use racial slurs; if they do, they could face expulsion. Well, despite that memo and the fact that 99 cameras surrounded him, Luke decided to use the N-word anyway.

After the world blew this story up, Luke got the boot. And thankfully, we haven’t heard a peep about him yet. CBS addressed his expulsion during the show. Only the houseguests in the same room as Luke, when he showed off his low IQ, spoke about the incident.

Jared Fields said a whole lot of nothing (which, by the way, isn’t surprising if you’ve been keeping up with this dude on the live feeds). Cory Wurtenberger attempted to condemn Luke’s statements but was shot down by Jared’s embarrassing attempt at defending this season’s racist. The only other player present, Hisam, didn’t say much either. But in his latest interview, he spoke about why.

Hisam isn’t here for Luke’s bigotry

After being asked about Luke’s comments and why he didn’t respond, the BB alum said he wasn’t sure what was happening.

“I never heard it,” he told Us Weekly. “If I had heard the word, I would’ve responded. I am not complicit in racism, in any stretch of the imagination.”

“I mean, honestly, I was holding the door for Cory so that we could go to the shower. And I was wondering what was taking so long, actually.”

Hisam added further that after leaving with Cory, he didn’t know anything had happened because Cory didn’t bring it up.

“The truth is I never heard the word. Had I heard the word, I would’ve said something because I’m not complicit in that kind of behavior, and CBS’ response [of expelling Luke] was totally appropriate.”

Well, despite his power trip and rocky two weeks in the house, at least Hisam is on the right side of history here. Besides being backdoored early, Hisam could return for a different season and really shake things up.


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