‘Big Brother’ Season 24: A Surprise Early Elimination Throws Wrench in the Competition

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The “Big Brother” house guests were supposed to be subject to their first live elimination on Thursday night, but one player’s surprise exit from the competition changed the game.

Paloma Aguilar left the CBS competition the contestants were told. Her exit eliminated the threat of the Backstage Pass twist, meaning that all 15 remaining contestants get to stay another week.

Five contestants were up for elimination this week between the two nominated by the Head of Household as well as the three other contestants — Aguilar, Brittany Hoopes and Alyssa Snider — who were chosen as part of the Backstage Pass twist.

Had it not been for Aguilar’s exit, it would have been a surprise battle between either Terrence Higgins or Taylor Hale (one of whom would have been eliminated by the other house guests) and Brittany Hoopes — who was the Backstage Passholder who fans voted off. Since Aguilar was another of the Backstage Passholders, her exit allowed everyone else to remain safe.

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Originally, self-proclaimed “Big Brother” super fan Michael Bruner was on the chopping block alongside Higgins, but he won the power of veto on Wednesday and declared himself safe from elimination. This prompted Head of Household Daniel Durston to nominate Hale instead.

Hale’s nomination came after tension among the house guests began increasing when the Girl’s Girls alliance — which includes every woman in the house sans Hale — turned their animosity toward her. During Wednesday’s episode, contestant Paloma Aguilar tried to get some dirt about the men of the house from Hale, who shut her down before letting Monte Taylor (who she presumed was her ally) know that Aguilar was setting out to take down the men.

Taylor swiftly clued Aguilar in on his conversation with Hale, since the pair had become close over the course of the first week in the house, and so began the drama. As more members of the house began to turn their backs on Hale, Durston figured she was the best contestant to nominate for elimination.

However, over the course of the last week, viewers have expressed that they feel the other members of the house are bullying Hale, who is Black. As more episodes of the new season rolled out, even former “Big Brother” competitors weighed in on how Hale was being treated. “Watching Taylor cry really broke me down,” Tiffany Mitchell, who founded The Cookout, tweeted. “I could never imagine what she feels like to be alone WEEK 1 when there are 15 other people in that house. It’s giving Kemi BB21.”

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