Big Brother recap: Can the Leftovers secure another HOH win?

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What started out as a seemingly predictable and frustrating season of Big Brother has quickly morphed into something much more interesting now that the general "consensus" of where loyalties lie in the house is being questioned. Last week the new Leftovers alliance, consisting of Turner, Monte, Taylor, Brittany, Kyle, Michael, and Joseph took control of the game, teaming up to blindside Ameerah and send a shockwave through the Po's Pack and Girl's Girls alliance.

As Sunday's episode gets underway, we're thrust into not only the ongoing two-leg HOH competition, but also the aftermath of the shocking (for some) live vote. Obviously there are some people in the house who were completely blindsided by Ameerah's eviction, and they're not too happy to be on the wrong side of the house. We get a pretty entertaining scene where Nicole, Alyssa, and Indy are nearly hysterical that they weren't given a "heads up" about the vote because they would have liked to say goodbye to their friend before she left the house. Because that's totally how this game works!

Anyways, back to the new week and the new HOH competition. In the first leg players must find red invitations amidst a slew of envelopes strewn across the yard. The endless searching eventually leads to eight players getting to play in the second leg to become this week's HOH, with Terrance, Jasmine, Monte, Brittany, Daniel, Joseph, Nicole, and Alyssa all advancing. That means The Leftovers have three chances to secure HOH and make sure that no one comes after them for the blindside of Ameerah.

In the second leg of the competition the players must slide three "blood goblets" along three sets of tables. The tables contain scores from 1-5, and the players have 30 seconds to get the highest score possible. For awhile it looks like Nicole is secure in her lead with nine points, and she's salivating at the idea of going after whoever got Ameerah voted out. But then along comes Monte, scoring 11 points and becoming the new HOH for the week, putting The Leftovers in the best position possible.

After the competition, those on the wrong side of the eviction vote are still puzzling out what happened. As has been the case for a long time now with Big Brother, those who were scheming and controlling the game in the first week are now very upset that people who aren't them are playing the game too. Imagine that! Of course, because all this rage and frustration needs a target, Nicole, Alyssa, Indy, and Jasmine once again throw all they have at Taylor. At one point they're talking and say that missing out on the vote is one thing, but the fact that Taylor knew about it before them is the worst part. I don't even know what to say at this point. Taylor is living in their heads rent free. These girls are obsessed with cutting her down.

Speaking of Taylor, she plays a big role in the final stretch of the episode as The Leftovers discuss who to target for eviction this week. After some late-night discussion, everyone agrees the biggest targets, and those most against their own alliance, are Nicole, Alyssa, and Daniel. Things get a little complicated because most of the alliance believes Nicole is the biggest threat, but putting her on the block would also mean having Taylor, her "festie bestie," on the block as well. Considering how new the alliance is and everything Taylor has already been through, Monte doesn't want to make her feel disrespected by using her as a pawn yet again.

So, in the end, Monte puts Indy and Alyssa up on the block, and lies to them saying that they're not the target. At some point that may be true, depending on what happens with the veto. Monte is open to backdooring Nicole this week, but only if Taylor says she's willing to go on the block again. Otherwise, The Leftovers is most likely going to send Alyssa packing.

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