As Big Brother Fans Wait For Season 25, There's Some Unexpected Good News About Another Season

 Taylor Hale in the Big Brother finale
Taylor Hale in the Big Brother finale

Big Brother is on the way, and while the latest news is that we'll be waiting later than usual to see Season 25, there's also some exciting news regarding the reality franchise. This is because there are whispers that there may be an unexpected season of the famed social game coming in 2023 based on current discussions happening within the network.

Just on the heels of news that The Amazing Race and Survivor will get extended episodes, it appears that Big Brother could get a bonus season on the 2023 TV schedule. Deadline reported that CBS is considering bringing back a "celebrity all-stars" version of the show, which would take place after Season 25. This would likely air in the fall or winter months due to the ongoing delays in the production of scripted television because of the WGA writer's strike.

The term "celebrity all-stars" sounds like two different pitches, as Big Brother has done Celebrity Big Brother, and it has also done all-star versions of the series. It's possible the network is discussing one or the other, or a third option in which they bring back an all-star lineup of past celebrity contestants? The wording is a bit confusing, but hey, it's hard not to be excited about a bonus season of Big Brother, not to mention more live feeds for those with a Paramount+ subscription.

Miesha and Todrick in Celebrity Big Brother finale

Celebrity Big Brother Season 4 Happening Is Surprising

It's a little shocking to hear that Celebrity Big Brother may return for Season 4, given how things went during Season 3. Celebrity drama caused the live feeds to be delayed at the start, and the finale was super awkward as contestants took turns taking shots at the runner-up Todrick Hall for his behavior that season.

After the season was over, participants like NSYNC's Chris Kirkpatrick talked about how the experience impacted his thoughts on the show as a fan and how he didn't like Big Brother becoming "more than gameplay." It seemed like CBS might have trouble finding a new batch of celebrities to participate, but I guess we'll know for sure if this season is greenlit later in the year.

Michael on Big Brother during the veto competition.

An All-Star Or Legends Season Could Happen

Another possibility is that Big Brother is considering doing an abbreviated all-stars or legends season, which has been talked about in recent years. Julie Chen Moonves has mentioned wanting to see it happen, and former players like Janelle Pierzina have expressed interest, provided it's a legitimate all-star season and not just a mashup of players.

Former Big Brother Houseguests and fans complained about that exact issue during the previous all-star season, which took place during the COVID lockdowns. While the season featured legitimate legends of the game and previous winners, there were also competitors with a very questionable claim to being an all-star of the CBS series. One popular example was David Alexander, who was eliminated on the first night of Season 21. A proper all-star season could be a bigger hit with fans if that's what's being considered.

Ultimately, this is all hypothetical, so we don't know with certainty if another season of Big Brother is coming to CBS in 2023. Until then, we're just going to have to wait for more updates and on Season 25 to arrive this summer.