'Big Brother' contestant vows to not evict women or POC, then does the opposite

On Big Brother Sunday night, the first nomination ceremony of Season 23 left fans of the show upset for multiple reasons.

According to BB mega fans, who have been keeping up with the live 24-hour feeds, Frenchie, the first Head of Household of the season, allegedly stated he would not be nominating any women or people of color for eviction this week, after pointing out to a fellow houseguest that, historically, a person of color or woman has always been evicted first.

However, during Sunday's episode, multiple clips of Frenchie telling the ladies that he refuses to "nominate women this week" were aired, while his statement to not put a person of color on the block was seemingly edited out, which left viewers on social media totally suspicious of CBS, per usual. One person tweeted: "ok but why are they hiding the “i’ll protect the poc from the block” comment" (@henrybb23) While another person asked: "why are race issues treated as censorable? show the truth cbs. frenchie promised to keep women AND POC safe." (realitytv2003)

And in the end, it was a plot twist when Frenchie nominated Alyssa and Kyland, a woman and a person of color. His decision to go back on his word had viewers calling B.S. on social media, especially because he had other options if he really did mean what he said.

It's unfortunate that Frenchie didn't take Julie Chen-Moonves's offer to compete for a second week of safety during premiere night, because it looks like Frenchie's going to have the biggest target on his back following this week's eviction. and left fans of the show upset for multiple reasons.