‘Big Brother’ Contestant Gets Bad News About Broken Foot

Kylie Mar
·Host & Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

It was not the best news for Christmas Abbott, who made her triumphant return to the Big Brother house after undergoing foot surgery.

The contestant revealed to her fellow houseguests that she broke 10 bones and that the doctor told her it looked as though a bomb had gone off in her foot. In fact, the damage was so bad that she even needed to get a donor bone to replace one of hers.

The houseguests surrounded Christmas to comfort her when she began to cry while revealing that she will need to be in a cast for a minimum of six weeks. According to her doctor, it will take about a year to recover, with arthritis setting in within one to five years.

If you were thinking Christmas might be cut short this season, you can think again. Even though she won’t be able to compete as hard as she had hoped, she’s proving to everyone that her spirit and optimism will prevail. “I maybe had aspirations to compete again, and this definitely takes it off the table,” said Christmas. “I’m not sure what my capability will be after this, but that just means that I have to focus my attention somewhere else. But it is what it is and I have to be able to accept the gifts as they come. Even if they are in banged-up packages.”

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