Big Brother 's Alyssa Snider explains why she is 'pissed off' at Turner

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From a strategic perspective, Alyssa Snider did what are you are supposed to do when you go to play Big Brother: She got herself in multiple majority alliances. But when folks either on the outskirts or fully outside those alliances banded together, Alyssa ended up on the wrong side of the numbers.

While her showmance with Kyle Capener may have saved Alyssa for a little while (as did a desire among others to take out other targets), Alyssa was finally shown the door on Thursday's live eviction episode. But there was still a little drama surrounding her departure.

Alyssa told her best friend in the house, Matt Turner, that she would not forgive him or remain his friend if he voted her out or lied to her about it. Turner did both, and after watching his goodbye message, Alyssa told host Julie Chen Moonves that she was "pissed off." We asked the eliminated contestant about that and more en route to the jury house.

Alyssa Snider on 'Big Brother'
Alyssa Snider on 'Big Brother'

CBS Alyssa Snider on 'Big Brother'

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You said you were pissed off at Turner after watching his goodbye message where he said he voted you out. What upsets you more: that he voted you out, or that he lied to you about it and would not just tell you the truth?

ALYSSA SNIDER: What upsets me more is that he lied to me about it and he wouldn't just tell me the truth for being his best friend in the house and always having his back. I think I at least deserve to know that he was going to vote me out of his house.

What did Brittany whisper to you after you were evicted, and what you do make of what she said?

Britney whispered to me that she was a single vote to keep me in the house, which implies that Turner was the one who voted me out. So she was giving me a heads-up. And honestly, it was good to know because that's what I figured.

Alyssa Snider on 'Big Brother'
Alyssa Snider on 'Big Brother'

CBS Alyssa Snider on 'Big Brother'

What was your reaction when you heard the news about the things Kyle had said in the house, and how big a factor did that play in you calling things off with him?

After I heard about the things Kyle was saying in the house, I was devastated, absolutely heartbroken that I had no idea that this was going on. I felt extremely blindsided, and it had a huge factor in why I called things off with him. If I didn't know his true heart and soul and what was happening in the house, then we didn't deserve to be together.

Big Brother is an emotional rollercoaster. What was your lowest point in the house?

My lowest point in the house was definitely finding out about all the things Kyle had said before. He knew directly that I knew all of these things. Holding such a heavy weight to carry and trying to process all of these emotions was insanely difficult.

Who are you hoping follows you next into the Jury House and why?

I am hoping to see Turner next because he didn't have the decency to tell me he was going to vote me out. I am his closest ally, so honestly he deserves to follow me right in that house.

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