‘Big Brother 25’s’ America: Bowie Jane ‘has these goo-goo, gaga eyes for Matt and Jag’

Unfortunately, the American Revolution on “Big Brother 25” did not start on Thursday night. America Lopez got a reprieve this week as the pawn against Blue, but she knew it was do-or-die for her in the next HOH and was determined to split up Jag and Matt. And that next HOH came right away with the double eviction. But Bowie Jane, Matt and Jag’s third wheel, won and put her up alongside Felicia, and then Matt won the Veto, ensuring America’s eviction and that she’ll be reunited with Cory in the jury house. The superfan spent the commercial break begging Bowie not to put her up to no avail.

“I’m looking at Bowie and I’m telling her, ‘Bowie, do not put me up. I am going to go home. They told me I am going to go home. I heard that I’m next on their list to go home. Do not do this.’ It was so frustrating. I just could not get through to her no matter what,” America says in a pooled exit interview (watch above). “She has these goo-goo, gaga eyes for Matt and Jag. She’s in this sort of trance that I just couldn’t pull her away from. At the end of the day, she’s just so deep with Matt and Jag. I was like, ‘Bowie, c’mon! Wake up! Play this game for yourself and not for them!’ She was like, ‘Oh, I have to put you up. I made a promise to Cirie I won’t put the boys up.’ I was like, ‘Why can’t you put the boys up? They should go home.’ Bowie has been the swing vote all season. She’s been the deciding factor. She’s been the biggest floater, but, hey, it’s worked for her. It was just so frustrating that I wasn’t able to get her on my side.”

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America believes that Bowie is so under Matt and Jag’s thumb that the Aussie won’t regret nominating her unless “Matt and Jag tell her to regret nominating me.” “She’s a little puppy dog fangirl. She doesn’t have any thoughts of her own,” America continues. “I am really salty about my eviction obviously still, but she’ll see when they turn their back on her and get her evicted that they aren’t who they say they are and they’re not loyal to her in the way that she thinks.”

While America is frustrated no one (or specifically Bowie) has taken a shot at Matt and Jag, she knows there’s no shot to be taken when they’re the ones winning comps and running the game. “At this point in the game, competition wins are everything,” she says. “They’re comp beasts and they’ve played it really well. And they made the right move evicting Cory last week, evicting me this week because we were definitely going to come after them the second we got the chance.”

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