Biden White House Salaries Revealed — with the Narrowest Gender Pay Gap in Decades

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SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki

New salary data released Thursday shows that six months into office, Joe Biden's administration has the narrowest gender pay gap in the White House since the numbers were first released in 1995.

A breakdown of the data by 19th News found that women in the administration earn 99 cents for every $1 earned by men.

The number is notable, considering the average gender wage gap in the country, where the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that women earn roughly 82 cents for every $1 earned by a man.

The gap is even wider for women of color, and the COVID-19 pandemic has only exacerbated the gap between women and men, according to recent examinations of its impact.

The gap in the Biden White House is also much narrower than it was under the previous administration, according to 19th News: The outlet's analysis shows that women earned 69 cents to men's $1 in 2020, under former President Donald Trump, and 63 cents to men's $1 in 2016, also under Trump.

The average salary in the Biden White House for women is $93,752 and $94,639 for men.

The data shows that women comprise roughly 60 percent of current appointees and make up 56 percent of the senior staff

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The White House has been required to release the salary data of those who work in the office to Congress since 1995. According to a statement on Thursday, the report was also disclosed on its website to be "consistent with President Biden's commitment to transparency."

Since taking office in January, Biden has worked to staff his administration with a mix of longtime advisers and credentialed experts — echoing a campaign strategy that sought a contrast with opponent Donald Trump — along with what Biden said was much needed diversity.

Biden's running mate and now-vice president, Kamala Harris, is the first woman, first Black person and first person of Indian descent elected to the office in U.S. history.

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Meanwhile, the White House communications and economics teams are largely comprised of women. (Some Trump aides took pains to note earlier this year that his White House, too, had a largely female communications team.)

Jen Psaki, The Biden White House press secretary, is one of seven women who fill the upper ranks of Biden's communications team, along with Communications Director Kate Bedingfield who has worked with Biden for years and Pili Tobar, Karine Jean-Pierre, Symone Sanders, Ashley Etienne and Elizabeth Alex.

According to the data released Thursday, Psaki earns $180,000 per year in her role, making her one of the highest paid employees in the Biden administration. Molly Groom, policy adviser for immigration, earns $185,656.

As pay grades at the White House are on a scale, many of the president's top aides all earn the same amount. For example, Psaki, Bedingfield, Domestic Policy Advisor Susan Rice and Ron Klain, the president's chief of staff, all earn annual salaries of $180,000.

Other historic women appointees in the administration include Janet Yellen, who became the first woman to serve as secretary of the treasury when she was sworn into office in January, and Avril Haines, the first woman to be the director of national intelligence.