Bianca Devins Death: Everything We Know About Suspected Murderer Brandon Clark

Brandon Clark, 21, of Oneida County, New York, has been charged with second-degree murder after "e-girl" Bianca Devins was found dead Sunday morning in New York state.

But what do we know about Clark?

They Met Through Instagram

Devins, 17, of Utica, was a prolific Instagram user with an active following. Police say she met Clark about two months ago on the site, and that they also knew each other's families.

Something Happened After the Concert

Clark and Devins had attended a concert on Saturday night in New York City, and had an argument on their way back to Utica.Clark is of Cicero, New York, about an hour's drive from Utica.

According to a police report:

"The investigation revealed that the argument progressed until the male produced a large, black-handled knife and used this to inflict the injuries that caused her death."

Images Posted Online

After Clark allegedly killed her, he then posted the images to the gaming site Discord, which notified police of the murder:

"During this time it is believed that he (Clark) took and distributed photographs of the killing on the Discord platform. Members of Discord then viewed the images and posted and contacted Utica Police Department."

May Have Posted Pictures Of Devins' Body

Public relations officer Bryan Coromato states that after Devins was killed, Clark called local police and then stabbed himself with a knife. He was transported to a local hospital and was under sedation.

It's also believed that Clark was posting content online, allegedly including images of Devins' body, around the time of the murder. The online sites included Instagram Story, 4chan, and Discord.

In addition, he allegedly posted a clip of him driving with the text: “Here comes hell. It’s redemption, right?”, and changed his Instagram bio to included his date of death as 7-14-19.

Devins' DM's May Contain Clues

Devins may have texted a friend before she died. She was apparently DM'ing a friend that Clark was "so mad" after she held hands and kissed someone at the concert.