Bhad Bhabie (aka the 'cash me outside' girl) says she has 'like $2 million' worth of cars, including a Ferrari and Range Rover

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  • Danielle Bregoli, a rapper known as Bhad Bhabie, says that she owns $2 million in cars.

  • Among her collection, she says, are a 2023 Range Rover and a Ferrari 458.

  • The OnlyFans creator set the record for the fastest $1 million earned on the platform.

Bhad Bhabie says that she owns $2 million in a collection of cars, including a Ferrari and a 2023 Range Rover.

The rapper and OnlyFans creator, whose given name is Danielle Bregoli, first came into fame when a clip of her at age 13 challenging Dr. Phil's audience to a fight with the phrase "cash me outside, how bout dah" went viral. In the years since, she's leveraged her fame to launch a rap career and a lucrative OnlyFans.

As for how she now spends her money? The 20-year-old told Emily Ratajkowski on her podcast "High Low with EmRata" that she loves "American-made cars," and at least a few of her millions have gone into her car collection.

"I love cars. I have like, $2 million worth of cars," Bregoli said on Tuesday's episode of the podcast. "I have a Trackhawk, I have a Redeye Charger Jailbreak Edition. I just bought a new 2023 Range Rover, and I just bought a Durango Hellcat, and I have a Ferrari 458."

Bregoli launched her OnlyFans shortly after she turned 18 and became the fastest creator to earn $1 million on the platform, which she accrued in six hours, per Variety. Now, according to Rolling Stone, she charges $23.99 a month for a subscription to her account. The creator told Ratajkowski on the podcast that she was "broke as fuck" before she launched her account, and that her mother had been in control of her finances.

Bregoli previously purchased a $6.1 million home in Boca Raton, Florida, in cash, according to the New York Post.

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