'BH90210' ends with twists, turns and a surprise celebrity cameo

Patrick Devine

Season one of the Beverly Hills, 90210 reboot came to close on Wednesday, but not without its fair share of twists, turns and, of course, surprise appearances. Denise Richards, who made a guest appearance as Kelly's cousin in the original series, reignited her on-screen chemistry with Ian Ziering during a steamy hotel room encounter. Then, viewers and Ian were shocked to learn that Denise was the mother of Ian's current love interest, Anna.

Ian's unexpected love triangle wasn't the only major twist. Thanks to Shay's rogue DNA test, Brian Austin Green found out Zach wasn't really his son. And if Brian wasn't the father, then perhaps Zach's mother had mistaken Brian for another cast member? A question that was possibly answered by the look on Jason Priestley's face when Brian showed him an old photo of Zach's mom. And by the viewer's reactions on Twitter, it looks like they agree.

Despite all the season's drama, the cast's hard work paid off because Fox picked up the reboot for a full season, presenting a whole new set of challenges. Executive Producer Christine Elise explained that Fox cut the show's budget so they would have to shoot the first season in Canada instead of Beverly Hills. And, because of the limited budget, only six cast members could return, which means one cast member won't be making it.

Fans loved the finale, and though the status of a second BH90210 season is unknown, viewers across Twitter were begging for more. No matter what happens with season two, it was great to see the whole gang come together again.

BH90210 airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on Fox.

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