Betty White's Most Memorable Golden Girls' Moments

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Carol Cassada
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TV and film legend Betty White celebrated her 98th birthday over the weekend.

Considered an iconic and America's sweetheart, Betty's career has spanned over 80 decades.

Throughout the years she's had famous roles in television and films. But one of her most memorable roles was as Rose Nylund on the hit NBC sitcom The Golden Girls.

The series focused on 4 middle-aged women who lived together in Miami, Florida. From 1985 to 1992, Betty and her co-stars entertained fans.

Nearly 30 years later, The Golden Girls is considered one of the greatest sitcoms ever and the character of Rose is a favorite among fans.

In honor of Betty's birthday, let's take a look at some of her most memorable moments from The Golden Girls.

In a Bed of Rose's

In a Bed of Rose's is the title of episode 15 of season 1.

As longtime Golden Girls fans know, Rose's husband Charlie Nylund died while they were making love.

During season one, Rose started dating again and brings home her date Al Beatty so they can have some alone time.

After spending a romantic night with her beau, Rose is alarmed when Sophia busts into the kitchen and announces her date is dead. Things get even more complicated when Rose realizes her date was married and she must tell the wife about his death.

Rose then worries that she may have killed Al by sleeping with him and vows off men.

However, later in the show, it's revealed that Al died of a heart attack and it wasn't Rose's fault. She breathes a sigh of relief and starts getting back into the dating scene again.

This episode earned Betty an Emmy win in 1986 for Outstanding Lead Actress In a Comedy Series.

Rose's birthday

In an episode titled A Piece of Cake from the second season, the girls reminisce about past birthdays as they plan a celebration for a friend.

Rose talks about the last birthday she spent in St. Olaf, and the scene cuts to the kitchen in her former home.

Rose has baked a cake and made a wish. As she's sitting down at the table, she talks to her husband Charlie, who has passed away. She tells Charlie about her plans to sell the farm and move to Miami.

As the end Rose and even viewers got choked up when she tells Charlie she loves him and misses him.

Betty's performance in that scene touched fans and they consider it one of her best moments from the series.

Rose and Miles

Rose eventually found love again with a man named Miles Webber played by Harold Gould.

Miles made his first appearance in the season five episode Dancing in the Dark.

After learning that Miles is a college professor, Rose worries that she's not smart enough to be with Miles. She soon starts to avoid Miles and even sends Blanche on a date with him.

Later in the episode, the girls go out dancing where Rose and Miles meet. She explains her fears that she's not smart, and Miles says that doesn't matter, he loves her for who she is.

A Little Romance

In one of the most hilarious episodes from season 1, Rose is keeping her new beau a secret.

Blanch and Dorothy are curious about Rose's new man Dr. Jonathan Newman. When Rose continues to avoid introducing Jonathan to her friends, Blanche takes matters into her own hands when she invites him to dinner.

Upon arriving to dinner, Blanche and Dorothy are stunned to discover Rose's new boyfriend is a little person.

Comedy ensues as the two ladies try to avoid talking about Jonathan's height.

Later when Rose believes Jonathan is about to propose, she contemplates what her answer will be. However, it's soon discovered Jonathan wasn't going to propose, he's breaking up with her because she's not Jewish.