Bethenny Frankel says she was 'relieved' about 2012 miscarriage amid marriage to Jason Hoppy

Bethenny Frankel's miscarriage was a blessing in disguise, according to the reality TV alum.

Frankel opened up about her 2012 miscarriage, which she now says was a relief amid her tumultuous marriage with now-ex-husband Jason Hoppy, in a candid episode of her "Just B Divorced" podcast released Tuesday.

The reality TV alum revealed that her relationship at the time was so bad she felt like intimacy was "torture."

While they were going through marital issues, Frankel and Hoppy's daughter Bryn was under 2 years old when the former "Real Housewives of New York City" star became pregnant and miscarried.

Frankel recalled telling Hoppy, "I'm kind of relieved … because I don't think this is a healthy or positive relationship."

Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy split in 2012 while their daughter Bryn was under two years old.
Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy split in 2012 while their daughter Bryn was under two years old.

She said the experience was "a nightmare" but ultimately it pushed her to seek out divorce proceedings.

Frankel filed for divorce in January 2013 and after a lengthy legal battle, it was finalized in January 2021.

The SkinnyGirl CEO first opened up about her pregnancy loss in a 2012 cover of Glamour magazine, sharing that it was "high risk" because she was over 40.

"I blamed myself — of course I did," she said. "Afterward, I went through a range of emotions. There was something so sad about it — that there had been a life there, and then suddenly it was not there. There was also, I have to admit, a bit of relief that I wouldn't be starting my new TV job seven months pregnant. And then there was immense guilt at the relief."

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Amid her ongoing divorce, she told Entertainment Tonight in 2016 that she felt like she dealt with the miscarriage "alone" due to the couple's tense relation.

"The miscarriage, based on things that were going on in my personal life and my marriage, I think later I just marketed it to myself as, 'That was just not meant to be,'" Frankel said. "Because it would have just made things more difficult than they already were."

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