Bethenny Frankel Ignored ‘Red Flags’ Before Jason Hoppy Marriage

Photo by Taylor Hill/FilmMagic via Getty Images
Photo by Taylor Hill/FilmMagic via Getty Images
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Former Real Housewives of New York star Bethenny Frankel is happily engaged to Paul Bernon. But she has no plans to marry him. If you are wondering why, the answer could be her traumatic marriage to Jason Hoppy.

Bethenny said that she has PTSD from her nightmare divorce. The couple married in 2010 but split in 2012. And their divorce from hell wasn’t finalized until 2021. Jason and Bethenny share one teenage daughter, Bryn Hoppy.

Now Bethenny is sharing her divorce war stories for 10 episodes of her podcast. And she is also discussing all the red flags she ignored before she walked down the aisle.

Bethenny has some warnings about relationships

On her podcast Just B Divorced with Bethenny Frankel, Bethenny revealed how she and Jason got together. She called Jason after she argued with another man that she was dating. “I wasn’t really that into him, I convinced myself to be that into him. It would be like a security blanket,” she explained. Bethenny also admitted that “there were moments” of their union “being good,” but “they were very fleeting.”

Then Bethenny dropped the first red flag. The night that they met, Jason allegedly “pretended” that he didn’t have his car parked downtown. He rode uptown with Bethenny. She later questioned if this was because he liked her, or because his buddy knew who she was.

The next red flag was when Jason mentioned that he wanted kids within the first few months of dating. He said that Bethenny “would have to think about getting pregnant within a reasonable period of time.” Wow.

But Bethenny didn’t see this as a huge, billowing red flag. Once Bethenny was pregnant with Bryn, she felt that she had to stay on the road to matrimony. “Once you’re doing a television show, you feel responsible. I was not happy in my relationship. I kept going because I was doing a television show and I was very stupid,” Bethenny said.

Jason’s third red flag had to do with Jessica Simpson’s divorce from Nick Lachey. Jason commented “that Nick should taken everything from Jessica.” At this time, Bethenny had a higher income than Jason, and she shouldered a bigger part of their monthly expenses.

Then Bethenny signed a “sh-tty” prenup but was reluctant to have one at all. “I said, ‘I’m marrying a regular guy, a small-town guy. He does not want my money.’ Famous last words,” Bethenny said.

“Signing a contract and being in a contract with another human being? That is a business deal. So you can hear it or not, but you’re a dummy if you’re not hearing it because I went through torture to tell you this,” she stated.

The RHONY alum continued, “If you know something’s not right, you get the f-ck out. And if you don’t know that it’s right, it’s wrong. That’s just a point-blank fact.”

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