Bethenny Frankel Accuses Andy Cohen of ‘Belittling’ Racism Allegations

Still from Watch What Happens Live where Andy Cohen is in a grey suit and sitting with Bethenny Frankel, who is wearing a black suit.
Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images
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The reality reckoning is heating up, and Bethenny Frankel is taking major shots at her former boss, Andy Cohen. When she was starring on The Real Housewives of New York City, Bethenny was undoubtedly one of Andy’s favorites. However, those days are long gone as Bethenny grinds her axe against Bravo and the reality TV machine.

Vanity Fair released an in-depth article that solidified some of the things Bethenny has been alleging against Bravo. In their report, they detailed everything from Leah McSweeney’s relapse to Ramona Singer’s problematic behavior. Allegedly, Ramona used the N-word with a Black producer in addition to a handful of other problematic, racial accusations.

After the VF article came out, Andy was quick to dismiss it as a “factually inaccurate rehash.” On Instagram, he dropped a laughter emoji under a meme that made light of Ramona’s racist behavior. Now, Bethenny is clapping back, and she has accused Andy of “belittling” the racism controversy. Page Six reported on all of the details.

Bethenny isn’t laughing

On Instagram, the Watch What Crappens account posted a meme mocking the Vanity Fair article. They wrote, “Vanity Fair breaks the news that adults drink and Ramona is racist,” and Andy commented with a laughing emoji.

When Bethenny got wind of Andy’s comment, she took to her ReWives podcast to let loose on the Watch What Happens Live host. She called his reaction “shocking,” and she suggested Andy “thinks he’s invincible.”

“Riddle me this,” Bethenny said. “If Andy Cohen is laughing at something regarding racism, why would he not be asked to leave BravoCon if Ramona texted something to someone in the media?”

Bethenny was referring to an incident where Ramona texted a partial slur to a Page Six reporter, attempting to defend herself from the accusations in the Vanity Fair article. Bravo axed her from the BravoCon once that became public. Her real estate job also fired her because, you know, racism isn’t funny.

Bethenny’s not the only one disappointed in Andy

Bethenny wasn’t the only Real Housewife to express disappointment with Andy. Leah, who is reportedly planning on suing Bravo and already filed a discrimination complaint, also responded to Andy’s Instagram behavior.

“Wow. Andy thinks racism and addiction is hilarious,” Leah wrote on her Instagram story. “Good to know.”

There were also a mix of comments both supporting Andy, and asking why he thought it was appropriate to comment.


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