Beth Chapman Hawaiian Memorial Paddle Out Planned

Beth Chapman will be given a beautiful sendoff in true Hawaiian style.

A memorial has been announced Dog the Bounty Hunter's wife, which will take place Saturday, June 29 at Fort DeRussy Beach park in Waikiki.

According to the announcement, obtained by The Blast, Beth's daughters, Cecily and Lyssa are inviting the public to join in the celebration, and says "she will be sent off in true Hawaiian style, with aloha."

The memorial will include an "Oli," which is a traditional Hawaiian chant, followed by a paddle out with family and friends.

Everyone attending is asked to bring ocean-friendly loose flowers, and stressed that no leis be brought, "because the strings can be harmful to ocean life."

The memorial for Beth is scheduled for Saturday at 2PM, and those wishing to post photos and videos are being asked to tag them on social media with #alohaoemrsdog

We're told it is customary in Hawaii to say, "Aloha Oe" when saying farewell to a loved one.

Along with the Hawaiian memorial, Dog is also finalizing plans for another memorial service in Colorado, where Beth's family lives.

As we reported, the family has already set up a makeshift memorial outside the family home in Honolulu, and tons of fans have been visiting and leaving flowers in Beth's honor.

Her Mercedes has also been draped in Hawaiian flowers.

Hours after his wife died, Dog addressed the media outside of his home and choked back tears while describing Beth's last moments.

He also joked about how she left him notes around the house to remind him how to take care of himself ... and that she was still telling him what to do from heaven.

Dog also spoke on how much he loved Beth, and how death came much quicker than the family had expected.