The Best YouTube Kids Channels for Toddlers and Preschoolers

best youtube kids channels for toddlers and preschoolers
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While most of us moms know we should limit screen time for the littles, sometimes, you need a distraction for your kids, whether it’s to pass the time during an epic wait in the emergency room, calm your crying offspring during a car ride, or entertain your mini-mes while you have a much-needed sweat sesh to destress. That’s where YouTube Kids comes in. Consider it a necessary evil. But which are the best YouTube Kids channels for toddlers and preschoolers?

To save you hours of scrolling (or risk your kids stumbling upon something they really shouldn’t be watching), we’ve rounded up the best YouTube Kids channels for kids ages 1 – 5. You can feel safe letting your toddlers and/or preschoolers watch to their hearts’ delight (or until the timer goes off, our favorite feature of YouTube Kids). Even better, the videos on these channels are on the less-annoying end of the entertainment spectrum, so if you end up watching, too, you won’t be tempted to poke your own eyeball out with a Lego.

So go ahead, hand your littles a tablet, and enjoy those five (or 10, or 20, or 30) minutes to yourself, Mom. The kids will be all right.


Full disclosure: you’re going to hate the CoComelon channel when your kid first starts watching it. But give it a week, and you’ll be singing right along with these obnoxious animated children (and their even more obnoxious parents).


This cheerful YouTuber’s channel features play with all sorts of toys, from LOL Surprise Dolls to Shopkins to My Little Ponies. Basically, if it’s made of plastic, CookieSwirlC probably has a video about it. She has since veered into gaming territory, which may be inappropriate for the younger set, but dig deep into her early videos for simple yet amusing entertainment.

Super Simple Play with Caitie!

As promised, the videos from Super Simple Play With Caitie are super simple and playful. Caitie introduces kids to activities, routines, holiday traditions, and emotions through song and puppetry.


ToysPlay is a family-made and family-friendly channel that features kids and adults playing together, providing you and your little ones with inspiration for scenarios to incorporate into your own playtime!


Blippi is like the PeeWee Herman for today’s kids (without all the creepy stuff). Follow Blippi as he embarks on new adventures, like visiting a Brazilian petting zoo, diving into a ball pit, or digging up dinos at the science center.

Blippi Buddies: Meekah

If your kids love Blippi, they’ll love Meekah even more. This fun-loving lady takes viewers through a slew of cool activities and experiences, from doing gymnastics to driving an excavator to playing at the fire station. Girl power!

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