The Best TikTok Videos Of 2021

TikTok users @dutchdeccc, @mimi_thefunnyone, @zo3tv and @ohheyadam provided so much comic relief. (Photo: Illustration: Isabella Carapella/HuffPost; Photos: TikTok users @dutchdeccc, @mimi_thefunnyone, @zo3tv and @ohheyadam)
TikTok users @dutchdeccc, @mimi_thefunnyone, @zo3tv and @ohheyadam provided so much comic relief. (Photo: Illustration: Isabella Carapella/HuffPost; Photos: TikTok users @dutchdeccc, @mimi_thefunnyone, @zo3tv and @ohheyadam)

TikTok users @dutchdeccc, @mimi_thefunnyone, @zo3tv and @ohheyadam provided so much comic relief. (Photo: Illustration: Isabella Carapella/HuffPost; Photos: TikTok users @dutchdeccc, @mimi_thefunnyone, @zo3tv and @ohheyadam)

By now, you can already tell I spend way too much time on TikTok. Yes, I’m one of probably millions of users who downloaded the app out of boredom early on in the pandemic. More than a year later, I’m still falling asleep with my phone in my hand, with some earworm sound on repeat. BING BONG.

Naturally, I liked hundreds of TikTok videos in 2021, shared many of them to my Instagram stories and with friends in all my group text message threads. So here is a well-rounded compilation of a huge handful of my favorites (don’t worry, I spared you all the workout and cleaning videos, makeup tutorials, and most of the recipes). These videos are mostly funny and relatable — the perfect antidote to a wild and sometimes rocky year.


This cat knows a hit when he hears it: ​​

When it’s been 21 years into the new millennium and you suddenly feel old as hell:

Sometimes you have to listen just a little more closely:

Sometimes DIY projects are not worth the pain:


Part 4 : Behind the scenes of my mom waxing my armpits . 😫 I don’t like that lil laugh she did at the end !!!! She was having way too much fun .😫💔

♬ original sound - prettyb.eeeee

When we needed to laugh to keep from screaming and crying about the insurrection:

This tortilla trick was one of the best hacks of the year:

Ellen Pompeo may be ready to throw in the towel, but this “Grey’s Anatomy” moment will live on forever:

Kris Jenner is usually two steps ahead of us all:

A new version of the Slip ’n Slide:

When we stanned Michelle Obama once again:

When you gotta convince yourself that this will be your day:


When everyday is your day! Wake up and say this to yourself and I promise you will feel good #thisismyday#singingtoddler#leavemealone

♬ original sound - Milly from Philly

But then you gotta convince everyone to leave you alone:


All 2021 Stay out my face 😂😂😂

♬ original sound - Milly from Philly


When you remember self-love is the most important love:

If you’re on TikTok, this was in your head for at least 17 hours this year:

This song about Mesopotamia has no right being this catchy:


An analysis of why we didn’t love Matt James’ season ​​of “The Bachelor”:

When we all remembered we don’t really like Prince Charles:


tbh I never really got off the hate train I just kinda forgot about him for a sec #meghanmarkle#princeharry#oprahinterview#princessdiana

♬ original sound - kaylamarie033

When y’all were obsessed with “nature’s cereal”:

This sound had a hold on us all:

Sometimes you need help calming down:


His older brother really held him down 🤞 #love#brother#cute#family#shoutoutot (via ashleyoutloud/TW)

♬ original sound - Overtime

Who else is tired of washing dishes?

Because kids won’t let you get away with anything:

Sometimes TLC via Maya Angelou is exactly what you need:

When you need to convince everyone that Selena is life:


I told Mali I could speak 12 languages 😂👀 I guess I wasn’t ready for the test lol Part 2 #thekabsfamily#Fyp#fatheranddaughter

♬ original sound - The Kabs Family

The best explanation for how mRNA vaccines work:


When your doctor makes house calls:

When you thought you were giving up “Law & Order: SVU” after summer 2020:

Thank you for the help!

When we stan Ina Garten:

When you won’t stand for “Grey’s Anatomy” slander:

When happy hour is any hour:


This is getting outta hand

♬ Its me again - Auntie


Hot girl summer? Let’s go longer.

When you’re sick of living through historical events:

When time is money:


Money is the only language I speak 😌💸

♬ original sound - Marleigh and Chris


This trend of guessing boyfriend names was too funny:

Immaculate vibes; no notes:

The cutest face ever singing one of the most popular sounds on TikTok:

This is the kind of love I’m looking for:

Hard to pick just one video from this comedian:


Because dancing babies are the best:

We all have gotten pretty good at multitasking during the pandemic:

When treat yo’ self goes too far:

The best explanation to convince you to get vaxxed:

Whew, relatable for all my singles out there:

Did we all reach this broke breaking point over the summer?


Respectfully, leave me at home pls and thank you 🙏🏼

♬ original sound - Emily Florence Viuhk

The most accurate representation of this year unfolding:

Still can’t believe this was actually a trend this year:

One of the most relaxing crowd-sourced TikTok sounds:


Reply to @kimbokak THANK U GUYS FOR ALL THE LOVE, WASNTING EXPECTING TO WAKE UP TO THIS BUT TY #piano#catsoftiktok#music

♬ Here Comes the Boy - Felix Gabriel


Return of the mask, part 143:


A cute puppy moment:


This fall salad is the truth:

We all need Abby in our lives:

Another precious dancing baby:

Perhaps the most New York City moment ever:

Yes, I’m obsessed with babies pouring but mostly spilling things:

Working, sleeping, minding my business, the keys to life:


Working or sleeping…or minding my business Lmaoo

♬ Working and sleepin - CrownMeCutie

A truly iconic duo:

Shout out to Keke Palmer for an explainer on that iconic moment at the Met Gala AND her “Titanic” comments:


Our hearts can go on now that @KeekthaSneak made peace with Kate Winslet. 😌🙏 #Titanic#KekePalmer

♬ original sound - Entertainment Tonight

We love a confident little Black girl:

This french fry tutorial is so timely, since we all have air fryers now: ​​


Can you make a good French Fry in the air fryer? (By @prohomecooks) #recipes#airfryer#fries

♬ original sound - Thriving Recipes


There’s almost no in between:

You never know when you might need a coin purse!

One of the best feelings:

Don’t even try to explain it to me!

No help from the toddler in this one:

Open enrollment always gets the best of us:​​

The new dance challenge that I promise I will learn but I won’t: ​

’Cause it was always going to be a slim Christmas this year:

A pep talk we can all use right now:

And we are ready for you, 2022!

Jillian Capewell contributed to this list.

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