RS Recommends: The Best Sports Headbands to Keep Sweat Out of Your Eyes

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When you’re stocking up on your workout gear, you probably first find the right sneakers, gym outfit, headphones, and then likely stop there. But there’s one important fitness accessory you probably missed: a sports headband.

What Are the Best Sports Headbands?

The best sports headbands (also known as sweatbands) are worn by professional athletes and amateurs alike because they help keep sweat out of your eyes and help keep your face dry so you can finish exercising or playing a game.

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Most importantly, the best sports headbands should feel as comfortable as possible while working out or playing a sport. After all, the point of the headband is to manage sweat and keep hair out of your face.

They should also fit comfortably — never too tight nor too loose. Consider the different styles of sports headbands available too, from basic sweatbands to tie-around bands and even full head wraps.

Of course, if you’re going to sweat, your headbands should be easy to clean. All of our picks are machine-washable or easily rinsed off with mild soap and water in the sink.

Below, we selected some of the best, most stylish sports headbands that are all at a reasonable price point. They’re top-reviewed and easy to wear with the rest of your workout clothing. From name brands like Nike and Adidas to Japanese-inspired bands, here are the best sports headbands to buy online now.

1. Suddora Premium Terry Cloth Sweatbands


Credit: Suddora
Credit: Suddora


Soft, comfortable and sweat-absorbent, Suddora’s terry cloth sweatbands come in 18 different colors with a stretchy, stay-put fit. Made from a cotton, spandex and nylon blend, the headbands are snug without being too tight, and allow for a full range of movement, whether you’re playing tennis, volleyball, riding a bike or going for a run.

Suddora has been making headbands, wristbands and fitness wraps for more than 14 years, with sizes and styles for all ages. This deal gets you a solid color sweatband for under $5, but you can also choose to customize your gear (say with a logo or text) on the Suddora website.

Suddora Terry Cloth Sweatband

2. Beace Sweatbands Sports Headband


Credit: Amazon
Credit: Amazon


Beace sports bands are a bestseller on Amazon, suitable for any activity. They’re your classic terry cloth made with 85 percent cotton, 10 percent spandex and five percent nylon. They’re also super soft, breathable, moisture-wicking and won’t slip down your face when you’re using them. They have a maximum stretch of 12.6 inches, so the one size will fit most. To keep the elastic intact, it’s recommended that you wash them by hand and air dry.

Buy: Beace Sweatbands Sports Headband $11.95

3. Vinsguir Mens Headband (4-Pack)


Credit: Amazon
Credit: Amazon


These top-rated headbands from Vinsugir contain a a mix of 80 percent chinlon and 20 percent spandex, which makes them extremely stretchy and able to fit nearly every head size. They absorb and evaporate sweat quickly and, because of the material and adjustable width, they provide a comfortable fit for any sport or workout routine. They can fit under various head gear and helmets as well, perfect for warm-weather bike rides. These are versatile for all sports, and each pack includes four different colors.

Buy: Vinsguir Headband (4-Pack) $11.99

4. Adidas Unisex-Adult Alphaskin Tie Headband


Credit: Amazon
Credit: Amazon


For a headband that ties, go with this Alphaskin mesh headband. It’s made out of 91 percent polyester and 9 percent spandex, so it’s soft and stretchy. Two-layer mesh helps both wick away moisture and create extra airflow. Plus, there’s a variety of colors to choose from, so you don’t have to opt for basic black, gray or white.

Buy: adidas Tie Headband $10.00

5. Nike Pro Combat Dri-Fit Skull Wrap 3.0


Credit: Amazon
Credit: Amazon


Nike’s Pro Combat Dri-Fit skull wrap will cover more of your head than many regular sports headbands. It’s fit for those who tend to sweat more on the head, or desire more coverage. Dri-Fit fabric wicks away sweat and keeps you dry throughout any workout. Flat lock construction and the band’s tapered design keep the fit snug, while also remaining super comfortable to wear for long games or practices. This also comes in one size and the super stretchy material means this headband wrap is suited to fit most.

Buy: Nike Pro Dri-Fit Skull Wrap $19.95

6. Tokyo Misfit Japanese Headbands


Credit: Amazon
Credit: Amazon


For anyone who wants a little more flair while exercising, Tokyo Misfit’s headbands offer cool geometric designs in a few colors. The modern technical fabric is breathable, absorbs moisture and can stretch to fit most head sizes. The texture feels silky, and it’s very lightweight. This is a unisex style with sizing and colors available for men and women.

Buy: Tokyo Misfit Japanese Headbands $15.95

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