Best sky-centric movies and TV shows of all time. Yes, 'Star Trek' makes the cut

CA.Apollo 13.0920.RB.4.$ Kevin Bacon and Tom Hanks in "Apollo 13." Photo: Ron Batzdorff
Kevin Bacon and Tom Hanks in "Apollo 13." (Ron Batzdorff)

André Bormanis, co-executive producer and writer for the Fox/Hulu series “The Orville” and consulting producer on National Geographic’s “Cosmos,” picks the following five films:

1. “2001: A Space Odyssey." This 1968 Stanley Kubrick film is “one of the most realistic depictions of space travel in our solar system,” Bormanis said.

2001: A Space Odyssey
Astronaut Poole, left (Gary Lockwood) and Mission Commander Bowman (Keir Dullea) seek the privacy of a one-man space pod in an effort to confer without being overheard by computer Hal 9000 in the movie "2001: A Space Odyssey." (Handout/Handout/Handout)

2. “Apollo 13.” This 1995 film, directed by Ron Howard, is “a re-enactment of the flight of the third mission to send men to the surface of the moon, which nearly ended in tragedy.”

3. “The Martian.” This 2015 film by Ridley Scott is “a very good, scientifically credible story about one man’s attempt to survive being stranded on Mars.”

The Martian
Matt Damon portrays an astronaut who draws upon his ingenuity to subsist on a hostile planet in the movie "The Martian." (Aidan Monaghan/Aidan Monaghan/Aidan Monaghan/Twentieth Century)

4. “The Planets.” This 2019 BBC documentary series, hosted by Brian Cox, offers “a very good overview of our solar system and our current understanding of it.”

The Planets
CG illustration of Saturn in "The Planets," a 2019 BBC documentary series. Credit: Lola Post Production/© BBC Studios (Lola Post Production/© BBC Studios)

5. “Star Trek,” the original 1966-69 series, created by Gene Roddenberry. “Fifty-plus years later, they really still hold up. And the special effects were redone for high-definition television standards a few years ago.” If your cable company carries the MeTV network, which specializes in Boomer reruns, you can find original “Star Trek” episodes at 10 on Saturday nights.

Star Trek
Star Trek (Paramount Pictures/Paramount Pictures/Paramount Pictures)